Huangyuan highlight the four schools complement the spirit of calcium

Since the implementation of the party’s mass line educational practice, Huangyuan adhere to the leadership to take the lead in carrying out the four study, efforts to make up the spirit of the majority of Party members and cadres of calcium".

– balanced "night school". In order to ensure that the work and learning two not wrong, the promotion of two, Huangyuan county cadres to make full use of their spare time to focus on learning. In the study of the contents, highlight the key authentic learning series general secretary Xi Jinping’s speech and in-depth study and understand the party, party, party constitution spirit connotation. In the form of learning, opened a "Wednesday night class", "number one" seminar, "worship the masses for the teacher" and other forms of learning.

– "strengthening leadership". By Party organizations at all levels to carry out the "number one" lectures, invited the provincial Party School professor and municipal steering group leader, around the party’s mass viewpoint, mass line and mass work method, focus on learning and special counseling against the "four winds", so that the cadres at all levels to further strengthen the educational practice and the necessity of understanding the importance of the activities.

– various forms of communication". Not only the Standing Committee to the respective contact point for the months of investigation, listen carefully to the opinions of the masses, to further deepen the theoretical study, at all levels of Party organizations and Party members and cadres also focus on learning the general secretary Xi Jinping discussed the three three real strict new requirements and new instructions on learning the spirit of Jiao Yulu, and combined with the actual work, the mutual exchange of learning experience, the majority of Party members and cadres the practice of the mass line of the consciousness and actions closely.

– "learning with practice rectification". Combined with the Party cadres at all levels of learning evaluation and mutual learning, in-depth to find the leadership at all levels and the existence of the four winds problem, find out the real problems, to dig out the root of the problem, the next step for the control checks, carry out criticism and self-criticism, the rectification of a clear direction to solve practical problems.   read more

Chaoyang Lane opened yesterday, nearly a thousand residents travel convenience

December 8th afternoon, a total length of 300 meters, a width of 15 meters of Chaoyang lane road through the acceptance, and officially opened to traffic. This road through Chaoyang Road, Chaoyang Road, two urban roads, it was built to improve the traffic conditions of the surrounding residents of nearly a thousand residents to facilitate the lives of residents.
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National Relay embroidered red flag into the city of Xining

to celebrate the eighteen big victory is held in the whole society, a "caring for others, caring society, caring nature of the volunteer service activities, August 8th, sponsored by the Wuhan Baibuting community initiative, sponsored by the national community volunteer Liaison Station" I celebrate the red embroidered eighteen, volunteer service activities warm ten million into the Qinghai Xining Railway Station. Comity Street offices in city area began.

it is understood that the community volunteer volunteer service activities is national liaison Liaison Station of national 10000 community, driven by millions of members of the community participation of the masses throughout the country a national relay red embroidered and great in strength and impetus of community volunteer service activities, in order to express the people party loving patriotic aspirations of communities through community relay embroidered red flag, red embroidered online etc. form. read more

National Day holiday of nearly 1 million 500 thousand people in Qinghai

October 8th, the reporter learned from the office of the Joint Conference on Tourism in Qinghai Province, during the eleven holiday this year, the province continued to expand the scale of tourists travel, tourism market showed a growing trend. During the long holiday, the province received a total of 1 million 459 thousand tourists at home and abroad, tourism revenue of $1 billion 503 million, an increase of 16.6% and respectively, an increase of 20.4%. Overnight tourists reached 557 thousand and 600 passengers, an increase in scale compared with previous years.

it is reported that, during the golden week, the main scenic spots in our province harvest gratifying, good situation presents visitors door. Among them, Qinghai Lake scenic tourists 61 thousand and 700 passengers, tourism revenue 9 million 161 thousand yuan; the Kumbum Monastery area of 87 thousand tourists trips, tourism revenue 17 million 754 thousand and 200 yuan; Xining wild zoo 36 thousand tourists trips, tourism revenue 731 thousand and 300 yuan; Xining City People’s Park tourists 165 thousand passengers; Xunhua Meng Da Tianchi 20 thousand and 800 tourists trips, tourism revenue 3 million 532 thousand and 400 yuan; Jinyintan – Atomic City, 21 thousand and 600 tourists trips, tourism revenue 1 million 70 thousand yuan. read more

City Commission for Discipline Inspection to hold good discipline to say hello

To further promote the party’s mass line educational practice, and effectively enhance the discipline inspection and supervision of cadres to practice the mass line of consciousness. April 18th afternoon, the City Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Standing Committee held in order to who, rely on who, who I am.

2016 Qinghai disabled vocational skills competition ended successfully

8 from 2 to, sponsored by the Qinghai Provincial Federation of disabled persons in Qinghai province in 2016 vocational skills competition held in Huzhu Tu Autonomous county. From 7 provinces and cities in the province CDPF, provincial special school, Xining deaf school and the relevant units of the nearly 70 players in the team to participate in the competition in the 11. This is a blind massage skills competition, computer operation, hand-painted Thangka, poster design, tailoring and cover photography and other 6 projects, after three days of competition, 18 players and 9 teams, respectively, won awards for individuals and groups. read more

Multimedia electronic photo album

National language of animation development centers to promote the development of the "heaven", "Snow", "Qinghai illustrated praise" 3 Qi Nolan Ultra HD multimedia electronic audio and video for the album, recently published. The development of these new media development of electronic audio and video album, not only for the province’s electronic audio and video publishing to add new content, but also to fill the province of no new media audio and video electronic publications blank. The new electronic album the weight of about 100 grams, content and capacity shall be determined by the user, in the mobile phone, computer, television and other media play reading, changed the previous album paper is big and heavy, not easy to carry and other defects, leisure, and at leisure journey always watch electronic reading appreciation. To make this work more competitive market, national language of animation development center and West National Audiovisual Publishing House set up R & D team, draw lessons from foreign multimedia new technology investment to build a new technology platform, promote the development of the 3 new ultra high-definition multimedia electronic sound like pictures.   read more

Grasp the implementation of all the work is the general requirements

February 26th, the mayor and the municipal government, party secretary Wang Yubo chaired an enlarged meeting of Party government, will focus on the implementation of the provincial Party committee, plenary sessions of the provinces and cities "NPC and CPPCC" and the provincial government’s decision to deploy, do a solid job in a quarter raises important requirements.

Merchandising coup

display of goods is very important for operators, display correct method is conducive to sales, to a large extent for operators to bring more profits, look at the analysis introduction, you will learn more.

A, merchandise display function of

display of goods not only arrange goods or decoration stores, but also can improve the franchise store image by Chen Lielai. In particular, the focus of goods, directly or indirectly, to improve the customer’s desire to buy goods, and enhance the image of the store and advertising effectiveness. read more

Huangzhong, 25 thousand people eat a culture of rice

from Huangzhong efforts to create the eight petal lotus cultural industry brand, not only to promote the national art, heritage heritage, but also led to the increase of farmers.

recently, reporters came to Huangzhong Qinghai Yuliang technology limited liability company, into a product, a statue of Buddha let people come to visit the eyes bright, into the observation, eyebrows, eyes and lips, hands and other parts are made of fine gold buddha. Out of curiosity, the reporter walked into the workshop, a thirty year old woman, is a block of mud heap shape skeleton attached to the ready on. This is the early stage of clay sculpture. The woman wittily told reporters: "the past crops, exposed to the weather with a black girl, like, now learn the skill, the wind is not blowing, not the sun, not only sitting to be able to earn money, every day in the face of these black mud, I looked more and more white." read more