Qinghai brand CCTV next month focused on appearance

Qinghai products do not have to "wine alley deep" and worry. January 28th, Qinghai export-oriented industry and export brand advertising film news conference held in Xining. February to April, the film will be in the CCTV 1, 2, 3, 4 channels to focus on the play, the number of players close to 400 times (including replay).

this piece of advertising by the Qinghai Provincial Department of Commerce, the Qinghai Provincial Department of finance to make joint use of financial resources. The film to promote the province’s overall export brand image as the goal, select the characteristics of our province’s export industry, and access to China’s well-known trademarks and international certification of export brands for publicity. Commercials to the source of life, the source of vitality "as the theme, focus on our province Tibetan carpet, characteristics of textile, Muslim clothing and supplies, medlar four representative of export-oriented industry characteristics and" sheep "and" spring "and" the "Snow" boat "and" Bukhara "5 Chinese well-known trademarks and the international organic certification of the" three "Bluebird" billion "organic wolfberry and other products for publicity. The propaganda film takes "the source of Sanjiang" as the opening point, which indicates that the unique plateau geographical environment of Qinghai has bred the unique plateau animal and plant products, and has formed the unique export-oriented economy industry of Qinghai. (author: Li Yanfang) read more

Xining Public Security Bureau was awarded the national public security standardization construction

recently, the Ministry of public security of the national demonstration Public Security Bureau of the level of formal assessment of the situation were informed, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau was assessed by the Ministry of public security for the national public security team standardized construction of two demonstration public security bureau.

provincial Party committee, Xining municipal Party committee secretary Wang Jianjun thanked the city’s police work hard. Vice governor, mayor of Xining Luo Yulin hopes to take this opportunity to further consolidate the results, to build a harmonious Xining and peace Xining to make new contributions. Xining city public security bureau Party committee asked the public security organs at all levels to the rating as an opportunity to avoid arrogance, make persistent efforts to further take effective measures to continuously consolidate and deepen the regularized building achievements, and constantly improve the meticulous and scientific and public security management modernization level, and strive to create a firm political, professional, style excellent quality and fair enforcement of public security team, for the economic development of Xining City, people live and work in peace, building a harmonious and safe Xining Xining make new and greater contributions. read more

The city will be held outside the party briefing

In June 9th, the city municipal Party Committee United Front Work Department convened all the democratic parties and the Federation, Tsu, non-public economy, ethnic and religious representatives and independents held a briefing, conveyed the spirit of special May 18th to 20 held in Beijing, the central United Front Work meeting. Municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman, party secretary Liu Fade presided over the meeting and delivered a speech.

The focus will Chengqia Xining special promotion key industrial projects

The afternoon of September 15th, Xining city as the "city of fair" held a special promotion, the Xining Municipal Commission by letter, Xining national economic and Technological Development Zone Industrial Park, four districts and three counties were the introduction of key industrial projects, invite businessmen to seize the opportunity in Xining, understand the Xining Industrial Development important nodes, and common development with the Xining industry, with the progress of.

as an important node in the city on the new Silk Road, Xining has richly endowed by nature geographical advantages, transportation advantages, resources advantages, industrial advantages. On the day of the meeting, the Xining Municipal Commission by letter to merchants introduced Xining’s condition, transportation advantages, status of industry development, and relates to the new energy industry, new material industry, metal smelting and processing projects, extension characteristics of chemical projects, equipment manufacturing projects in Xining City, eight industrial projects were key promotion; each park of Xining economic and Technological Development Zone to promote industrial park development advantages, promote nearly 50 projects; Datong County, Huang Zhongxian, Huangyuan County, East District of halal food industrial park respectively to promote the project.   read more

Warm mid autumn festival activities left behind children eat sweet moon cake

The Mid Autumn Festival is an important traditional festival after the spring festival. However, in some remote areas, due to their parents go out to work, left behind children can only be accompanied by grandparents in the mid autumn festival. Among them, there are a lot of children just from books, television, see the city people eat moon cake. In September 18th, jointly organized by the west city newspaper and Saiqixi bakery "warm autumn" campaign came to the fifth stop North District of Xining City, the 100 primary school – Su, embodies the deep love of the moon cake donated to the poor students of the school and the left-behind children. Double Jiangsu primary school near Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County, most of the students here are from and double Su Cun Guo Jia TA Cun, many children’s parents are working outside, the children are in the care of grandparents, a year can see their parents a few times. That people who love to give them sweet moon cake, the children have long been excited. Saiqixi shop staff and a west city newspaper reporter walked into the campus, the campus was filled with smiles of children. In the school playground, Saiqixi shop staff sent to the moon cakes left-behind children in the hands of children, very polite, received at the present moment, seriously salute to love people. The children were happy to get the mooncakes. "Wow, what kind of stuffing is it? It’s so sweet." Three grade Sun Qiang while eating moon cake, while making a face to the camera lens. Received the moon cake, the majority of children did not eat, but put all the moon cakes into the bag, ready to take home. In the three grade classroom, Liu Peipei said: "go back to eat with grandparents." Head teacher Liu Yi told reporters, Liu Peipei’s father and mother are working, although living conditions are not good, but she never complained, often do housework at home, academic performance is also among the best. The 10 year old ANN, their parents are working outside, he said: "the Mid Autumn Festival working outside the father will come home, these days I dreamt about our one family reunion, I want to put the moon cake with dad." Double Su primary school principal Gong Wei said, the school has six classes, more than 200 children, although usually the community of teachers and students to care a lot, but the Mid Autumn Festival sympathy is the first time, "we really feel the west city newspaper and Saiqixi place profound sentiments of friendship." Principal Gong said. (author: Yan Zhuo)   read more

Strict control of leading cadres in our country to go abroad

  the city conscientiously implement the central and provincial and municipal work on improving the style of close ties with the masses of the relevant provisions, strict examination and approval procedures, and constantly strengthen the leading cadres to go abroad (border) management.

abroad on private cadres in the (border) in the management of our city based on the job of leading cadres strictly, retired cadres appropriate leniency; leading cadres strictly, other cadres appropriate liberal principles. Cadres above the county level, all departments and industries involved in national security and state owned assets security, industry secrets of public officials to apply for abroad (border) generally do not approve. There are special circumstances, it is necessary to apply for private abroad (Habitat), in accordance with the cadre management authority for examination and approval procedures, according to the relevant provisions of the state. read more

What are the matters needing attention when purchasing food stores

now play in the cooked food which is the role of small does not need to say, now the demand is great, many consumers love out tasting cooked food, which drives the development of good food, some entrepreneurs see this business is very good, choose to open their own food stores, however, between the various shops the competition is fierce, so the food store also joined the purchase is particularly important, food stores purchase what tips? This is to learn


cooked food stores to maintain a stable daily traffic, in order to have a good taste of cooked food products, but also a good quality raw materials. Good material to make good cooked food, which is cooked food shop owner knows the truth. Therefore, the procurement of raw materials cooked food stores in the whole cooked food store operations is essential. read more

Strengthen confidence and accelerate the development and improvement of people’s livelihood is reall

7 25, the province’s economic work video conference held. The meeting summed up the first half of the economic situation, analysis of the current situation facing the deployment of the second half of the economic work. Provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng attended and spoke. He stressed that the whole province to accelerate the development of firm unwavering confidence, not slack, improve people’s livelihood does not stop, do not slack lured, unswervingly complete the annual task, to achieve a good start "13th Five-Year" economic and social development, for building a well-off society to lay a solid foundation. read more

Xining hundred home tutoring benefit tens of thousands of families

reporter from the Xining Municipal Office of Ideological and moral construction of minors to understand, since the start of May 17th, "will be passed to the next generation of" family education public special lecture tour has just ended, the lecture by the municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, the city Bureau of education invited famous expert Professor Chen Zhonglian family education lecturer lecture, lecture at the municipal and the school districts to carry out tour hundreds of games, the Xining City, tens of thousands of educators, parents benefit from. read more

Shen Na site protection planning in the improvement of

Shen Na, one of the 3 key cultural relics protection units in the city of China, will be submitted to the State Bureau of cultural relics after the provincial appraisal. At present, the preparation work of Xining Shen ruins protection plan is in progress. In May 28th, experts Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau of the relevant departments of the city are discussed, the protection plan to further improve in order to promote the work of give counsel, protection planning.

Different address of the hot pot restaurants have different characteristics

now people to shop location will take into account the downtown area, so, all kinds of shops will be crowded downtown. This shop location is really right? In fact, the address is different, the shop also needs to have more features, so as to ensure that the shop business is hot. Therefore, the different address of the hot pot shop to have different characteristics, so as to ensure that the store business development.

hot pot shop how to choose? For the location of the hot pot shop, but now there are a lot of suitable, but the specific location of the hot pot shop, or to look at the location of the investor to determine the store! read more

Agent hemp sweet spicy sweet pot good business opportunities

fast pace of life, has lived our best way of life. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to enter the catering industry is very market development project selection. How about the spicy spicy pot? Delicious snacks, is our choice of power!

hemp spicy hot pot?

spicy delicacy human taste buds can be said to be the ultimate experience, for people to create a rich enjoyment of taste. Entrepreneurial agent spicy incense pot can be said to be a very popular choice today, the market prospects of a good, popular hot, is a good choice for entrepreneurs to get rich quickly. read more

Chinese students in the UK will usher in a good entrepreneurial opportunity

when a lot of students in the country to create their own career, some people have been studying in the time to start their own career. They can not wait to start the business after the returnees, but to seize the opportunity to learn from the unique perspective of students, entrepreneurship.


read more

Analysis on the site selection of English education affiliate

English education institutions should be where to open better? It is important to choose an appropriate address for an educational business. Many investors in the location of the lack of experience, there are a lot of online learning resources, as long as you are willing to learn, you can do a good job site. Small make up a few points, hurry to see it.

read more

Investment companies need to deal with the number of small wedding costs to answer

to do investment, first of all should be prepared to estimate the investment funds, many want to invest in the project of the wedding business would like to know how much investment in this industry is. How much does it cost? The following small series to carefully analyze.

1, the purchase of 10000 yuan wedding + purchase festive supplies (small salute, ribbon, red garland,……) + appropriate purchase of flowers (Bar floats, holding flowers, flower, corsage) + + = business registration window. read more

Cheese milk did not drink tea cover how you can do

how about cheese and milk? It is a pity that such a delicious drink is not drunk. Cheese milk tea shop, very popular projects, hot choice, you are still hesitant what?

tea shop one night between the high streets and back lanes are beginning to follow the trend of selling milk tea cover series, of course some very hard to drink, some careless, what specific brand in this is not named, everyone can go one step on mine investigation about.

really want to drink the milk to fly the tea, it is recommended to go to do a special cheese milk tea shop, such as our tea. read more

Analysis on the investment prospect of Korean cuisine

the current food and beverage market to attract consumers to the project is really not much, if there is no feature is simply impossible to win a good source. So many brands in the project to brand more popular Korean cuisine. Korean cuisine with unique taste to attract consumers, after entering Chinese, in a short period of time to attract consumers, but also get investors’ attention, a Korean restaurant boom open. So what is the future of Korean food investment market?

Korean cuisine investment prospects analysis: read more

America’s successful organic electricity supplier to encourage Chinese Entrepreneurs

when the combination of traditional agriculture and modern science and technology, not only the creative or business opportunities. Who says a business can only rely on high-tech, actually home vegetables can also build up the family fortunes can also achieve the start of a new life.

EarthboundFarm is the nation’s largest organic products manufacturers, the annual sales of $five hundred million, with approximately 240 thousand acres of planting base and nearly 200 farmers, more than and 100 certified organic salad, fruits and vegetables, at the same time, EarthboundFarm also has a food safety system and no one can, known in america. read more

Business is always full of energy

now has a lot of shopkeepers, in the business is really very busy, and full of energy. But once the shop business is not good, the whole person’s mood is wrong, not a bit of energy, store business is getting worse. In fact, if you want to do business, it is always full of energy. In short, do not be afraid to do business, the busier the more busy, the more busy the more money, the more busy the more motivated. Once the idle that business is not good to do, they feel, feel tired, hard earned money, so get disheartened, really want to close out. This kind of negative emotion will make the business worse and more customers. read more

Chinese fast food store how to choose a better location

now, the development trend of Chinese fast food franchise industry is getting higher and higher. Want to take the initiative in the Chinese fast food franchise market. Usually the store location is good or bad influence to the day after the operation. Choose a good location is the premise of management of Chinese fast food stores to get good development lies. In the Chinese fast food store location, entrepreneurs should grasp some skills and practical operation, the following several Chinese fast food store location method can help you. read more