Female college students’ entrepreneurship for two hundred thousand years in Strawberry

many college students after graduation started looking for jobs, and few people will choose home business, but Peng Lili immediately returned to his hometown after graduation and began his career in strawberry cultivation, is now a small achievement.

find work as independent business

2009 in June, Peng Lili graduated from Southwestern University, in Chongqing, a wedding company to work. Wages only 800 yuan, but very hard, in the persuasion of her parents, she decided to return to employment in Meishan. However, after returning to Meishan, she has not found a satisfactory job. read more

How to join fabric textile

for the new home textile entrepreneurs, we choose to join the business of home textile fabric project, is a very high popularity, loved by consumers to join the brand choice of the project. So, in the end choose to join fabric home textile?

purchase not only low price

do home textile retailers in the purchase of goods, not only concerned about the ups and downs of home textile quotes. It should be noted that the positioning of their textile shop as the standard, or even lower prices, sell are of no use, so when the stock selection is the most suitable for their own major. About home textile fabric retailers, the main thing is to think about how much money can be returned to the future. read more

How to run a good breakfast franchise

for more business novice, compared to independent entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs to join the advantages of self-evident, nowadays, more and more people start to join the project, so if you join a breakfast shop what are the main items? Especially in the competition is so fierce, the viewer is not aware of the risk may be facing failure. Features early franchise business from the following considerations:

features of early operation to join the appropriate location in large residential areas or high traffic roads. read more

Good holiday promotion also need to create a festive atmosphere

why many shopping malls to various festivals is people reviews? This is created by shopping malls and the atmosphere is a great relationship. In my opinion, in order to do a good job of holiday promotion, it is necessary to create a festive atmosphere, increase the atmosphere of the store, in order to stimulate the customer’s desire to buy, so as to achieve a multiplier effect. The lively atmosphere can bring popularity, popularity can bring wealth.

through years of market visits I found that retail customers increase sales methods summarized up the atmosphere has four kinds: one is outside the shop layout, store shelf layout is two, three is the upper space layout of the shop, the four is the layout of the store staff. read more

A classic case of entrepreneurial start empty-handed bigwigs

in our life, there will be some start empty-handed entrepreneurs, start empty-handed for many entrepreneurs who, behind them there are some people who have succeeded, but behind the success of these men also have a lot of places worth learning.

in his open by selling newspapers to make money the white BMW car, the back carrying three computer, a University of Texas soon become the offbeat freshman, he realized that the computer will become the most important tool since twentieth Century,   has been; are facing a great opportunity. At that time, the computer industry including apple computer and IBM etc. all the major manufacturers have chosen to sell computer through DELL dealers, but Michael thought with the direct sales of the more efficient   provide value and better service for customers, and hopes to become a leader in this line. In 1984, Michael DELL dropped out of school and opened his own company in, an office of about 93 square meters, named  , DELL". read more

Changzhou school chemical pollution incident tracking

days ago, about 100 meters away from the location of Changzhou school to the school student body pollution abnormal situation reports aroused widespread public opinion. In order to further understand the development of the situation, the relevant departments and relevant media have been tracked and reported.

Changzhou school chemical pollution incident tracking

side is 7 years ago, after the pollution of the three chemical plant plots, the size of several football field size; one is just settled in the near school, always smell the pungent odor, the only way to separate. read more

Tsinghua University held a special job fairs

want to know how to start a business venture. There are significant differences in the way of working, working atmosphere and the demand of talents in the development of entrepreneurial enterprises. Entrepreneurs who are interested may wish to go to the entrepreneurial practice.

10 on Sept. 15, 2015 Tsinghua University enterprise recruitment will be opened, this is the Tsinghua University through "actively explore entrepreneurship training" to promote the development of innovation and entrepreneurship education, is also the first time by the University Organization for large enterprise recruitment will be held. read more

Young mother in the area near the baby shop to get wealth

baby store opened in the mall, or in the vicinity of the community, the success rate is relatively high. Today, to meet a strong woman, she opened the baby store in the vicinity of the residential area, will soon be successful.

read more

Teach you how to use 100 thousand yuan venture

10 million venture because it is a small capital venture, entrepreneurial restrictions due to the shortage of funds and then become more. But as long as 100 thousand yuan venture can master 3 operating methods, still can be in small business with a small capital, big business success.

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Ministry of agriculture to respond to the Ministry of agriculture genetically modified transgenic fo

Ministry of Agriculture held a press conference 13, the authority to respond to several major issues in the field of genetically modified. The Ministry of agriculture official said that the requirements of the transformation is clear, is consistent, that is to study on the bold, adhere to independent innovation; promotion to be careful, so to ensure safety; management should strictly adhere to the law supervision.

1 what are the genetically modified varieties on the market?

"so far, China approved for commercial cultivation of GM crops in only two, one is the transgenic cotton, two transgenic papaya." China, academician of Academy of engineering, the national agricultural genetically modified organisms safety committee chairman Wu Kongming introduced, in addition to cotton and papaya, China has approved GM crops for processing imported raw materials, including soybean, corn, rapeseed, cotton, sugar beet. In addition, the circulation of the domestic market of wheat, tomato, garlic, onion, purple sweet potato, potatoes, peppers, carrots and other food and vegetables, are not genetically modified varieties. read more

Zhang Chengrong electric Roast Chicken frame how

remember outside a year of life, always think of my mother’s cooking taste, miss mother often do chicken, fried chicken, Roasted Chicken and so on, a chicken is very Chinese dishes right love, so if you open a Zhang Chengrong like electric Roast Chicken snacks frame as how to make money?

Zhang Chengrong electric Roast Chicken frame?

Zhang Chengrong electric Roast Chicken frame is a kind of unique flavor snacks, leisure table. It was Mr. Zhang Chengrong’s ancient family secret ingredients, the green, healthy and safe, standard, authentic ingredients, patent baking technology combined with independent research and development, refined. Since the market, its healthy baking process, fragrant and not greasy unique taste by the majority of consumers love. The "non fried baked, roasted non retained, naturally add" mode of operation, has attracted much attention, was hailed as a pioneer of chicken delicious. read more

What are the black technologies in the Rio games

Speaking of

is being held at the Rio Olympics, many people are aware of the government is perhaps invested enormous funds, as well as the Olympic Games has not officially started before the chaos, however, these games actually have a lot of high-tech is a lot of mass are unknown. So, what are the Rio Olympic Games black technology?

is not only the Olympic Games athletes arena, but also the technology and equipment of the arena. The Olympic Games is not only the athletes stage show, science and technology equipment arena. Although the slot is full, but at least in science and technology, the Rio Olympic Games is still a bit of people look forward to it. To come together with the small series grilled a Rio Olympics black technology"! read more

Yunnan, Yiliang 26 million yuan interest free loans with entrepreneurship to promote employment

is a modern social entrepreneurship society, there are a lot of people who have entrepreneurial ideas, and governments for many entrepreneurs to provide a good platform for social entrepreneurship, recently in Yunnan, Yiliang on the launch of interest free loans.

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SF express Wang Wei crazy story

Shunde school Tonglu school to the left, right, SF how to defeat one of four with an annual revenue of more than 10 billion private express delivery giant? Express industry people are invincible, how to make the logistics become the army of tens of thousands of SF with dignity? Electronic commerce is so hot, SF and Taobao, Jingdong PK will leave what suspense?
you don’t imagine, this is one of the Chinese express industry the most powerful man. In 1993, 22 year old Wang Wei founded SF EXPRESS in Guangdong, Shunde. At that time, the company counted Wang Wei himself only 6 people. In 2010, the company’s sales have reached 12 billion yuan, with a staff of 80 thousand, with an average annual growth rate of 50%, profit margin of 30%. 18 years ago, when Wang Wei carrying bag filled with land access contracts, letters, samples and customs data from Shunde to Hongkong, he certainly can not think of the future will become the industry champion hundred-percent sf.

> "
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The summer stalls selling watermelons easily earn 100 thousand months

a lot of people about entrepreneurship is always indecisive, must consider many, in fact as long as you really have a business idea, can immediately act, here Xiaobian to introduce you to a summer stall selling watermelons, earned about one hundred thousand is really the case, look for your business will help.

according to where we agreed he arrived on time, is with his newly bought (Modern Rena) the car’s official website in the car home price is about 100000. After a few simple ridicule, we eat and chat on the open, because we are familiar with each other, I will soon enter the theme.

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To start a good opportunity for billions of people thirst

water is a part of people life indispensable, if the entrepreneur can enter into the market, will make a big career, can be said to billions of people thirst, is definitely a good opportunity of entrepreneurship.

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