Seven common causes of failure of College Students

statistics show that entrepreneurial failure rate is very high, nearly 10%, but after the failure of many college students could not understand what went wrong, the following is the analysis of seven common causes of failure of College students.

1, lack of long-term goals and thinking height

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The easiest way to succeed

is now the market some of the small cost of entrepreneurial projects are welcome, at the same time, for some people the first ready to start, the risk cost of small business projects is very small, so the society what are the appropriate cost of small business projects?

1, in the store rented a venue venture

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When is the best time to open a flower shop

at different times, the right thing to do will be different. Therefore, even if the business start-up, it should also be looking for the most appropriate time, so that their entrepreneurial success rate will be higher. So, when is the best time to open a flower shop? This topic is more in-depth, and everyone will find a good day to open a flower shop, but different operators, not at the same time to open the florist, the results are often not the same.

author contacted many operators, basically have a suggestion, in March to June this time most people shop were closed, of course people survive the cost is relatively high, the author sums up some thinking for a long time together with the analysis. read more

Tens of thousands of monthly salary she does not want her to go online selling buns

online shopping has become an indispensable part of people’s daily lives. The network shopping convenience and peace of mind that we are very popular, but there are some things is not good to online shopping, such as steamed buns, but the individual has rewritten the history.

pro, mobile Internet APP can buy buns oh! Or do the top 500 white-collar workers, door-to-door! Yesterday, in Chengdu Tianfu Software Park to Miss Han, arrived in the office door, received a courier phone. Yes, she received a reeky – online shopping dumplings. read more

U.S. aegis destroyers out of Japan broke into the South China Sea China base

The United States announced

aegis destroyers "Larson" will withdraw from the Yokosuka base in japan. This attracted international attention. This "Larson" last year in the South China Sea area China, intended to muddy the situation in the South China sea.

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What do you make the most money in 2014

investment venture, first of all to find the project. Seeing 2014 is over, what are you doing for the most profitable in 2014? Please take a look at the following items, these top rich cheats, let all friends can make a lot of money in 2014!

agriculture online brokerage

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Several considerations of female entrepreneurship

women entrepreneurship has become widespread, and although many women when entrepreneurs occupy a lot of advantages, but also need to pay attention to a series of problems in the process of many entrepreneurs will encounter.

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Song Hye Kyo’s cradle male Song Joong Ki bursting with great acclaim.

the last hot drama from the stars you, although the play is a woman, but very popular. Recently, the drama "the sun once again hot China seed" is the female pig big male pig, although the Song Hye Kyo drama robber, but TV is still popular, and the male is more Song Joong Ki great acclaim.

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No professional skills do not understand how entrepreneurial potential so embarrassed

what, no brushes are difficult to succeed, which makes many people do not understand the professional skills without pain, they are to carry out business, to realize their dream of becoming rich, but the potential so embarrassed, how to start?

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Li Xiuxia sincere service to fit into repeat visitors

a store any will encounter countless individual, how these fit into the shop back, this is almost any shop owners are thinking about the problem. So, how did Li Xiuxia do it? Let’s get to know each other. I am a laid-off workers, began to open in 2011 to do business, because there is not enough money to rent expensive house in the town center, I was in the vicinity of its own living area opened a more than and 20 square meter store.


store has just opened, and I had not imagined so optimistic, living always love to young people in the area of large shopping malls – the county issued a letter to buy daily necessities shopping mall, and some of the elderly has become another shop patrons, I shop business is very quiet, at the beginning of the two June, I shop to pay rent to the operating income. This put me anxious, but I was not willing to admit defeat, I secretly determined to enliven the business. read more

How to manage the off-season Hotel

no matter what a business, in fact, there will be a short season of points, if you want to make a store to achieve sustained profitability goal, it can only do the off-season hot business, which naturally need to take certain business strategies. As the hotel tourism industry has the characteristics of the stage of development, so the first quarter of each year is the most difficult operation of the hotel industry, the industry’s worst off-season. At each hotel are difficult, some hotels even "a deserted house", operating conditions with budget flat is good, but do not say very business goals. So how can we do not light in the off-season, the hotel should be done in the following areas. read more

Intel joint public space set up in Chongqing

multi-creation space is a common business incubator platform, in recent years, all over the country to create a variety of business park, collection of all kinds of entrepreneurial resources, optimize the allocation of resources, maximize helping more entrepreneurial enterprises succeed.

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Dry cleaning stores four common mistakes to avoid

open when the dry cleaners, many of my friends have to go with the crowd psychology, learn to think we do, is certainly not wrong, this is actually not very desirable. Xiaobian remind the majority of investors, joined the dry cleaners to avoid the following four common errors, so as to improve the success rate of shop.

A: quick success, blindly follow the trend of

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2015 Hangzhou Entrepreneurship Week opened from 26

each city has its own unique entrepreneurial expertise, as a birth of Alibaba and Ma Yun entrepreneurial city, Hangzhou entrepreneurial atmosphere, is the dream of many entrepreneurs paradise. Starting Thursday, Hangzhou will hold 2015 entrepreneurial activities week, a variety of entrepreneurial resources will converge in this.

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How Taobao shop novice reading

Taobao how to shop? Recently, many of my friends are asking this question. In fact, it is not difficult to open a Taobao shop, as long as the master of the steps and methods, but also to be able to open a new Taobao shop. So, how Taobao shop? What are the detailed steps? Let’s take a look.

1, landing Taobao home page – click on the top left free registration". read more

How to increase the income of sideline shop

in the fierce competition in the retail market to survive, the streets and shops everywhere, business increasingly difficult to do. If it is not out of their own store, shop rent pressure relatively smaller; if it is rented storefront, expensive rent, water, electricity and other expenses, it is more difficult to survive. I will pay attention to every place around the shop, shop location is a good business is relatively good, popularity is flourishing, store atmosphere is also very active; and to store the location is not good, the lack of customers, the day Monroe Finch, scanty, the owner is also very slow business in the blues. read more

How to operate a water purifier shop

water purifier to join, has become a new business choice, the market unpopular. Many investors have chosen the dominant brand to meet the future of wealth. How to operate a good water purifier shop? The operator must have a good grasp of the business. The following Xiaobian summed up the three points, a look at it!

first, stylized

according to local consumption habits and culture, looking for the products with local eating habits and culture purification needs the same point, for this piece, we need a water purifier enterprise marketing personnel should be targeted for guidance and training to help its own brand dealers light work. Highlight the unique brand style at the same time, also want to do as the Romans do. read more

Internet profit model which has ten to share

Internet entrepreneurs rising trend, more and more young people flocked to the Internet for gold. For these young Internet entrepreneurs, they grasp the profit model of the internet. So what are the Internet profit model? Here are ten to share.

profit mode: online advertising

What are the

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College students to open the car selling eggs

is now the entrepreneurial market staged countless new business stories, egg is everywhere, but you certainly haven’t seen driving a car to sell egg, while the student is doing, which embarked on an extraordinary entrepreneurial road.

"fresh soil egg within 48 hours of delivery, the face of acceptance satisfied with the re payment." Yesterday afternoon, " in Wuhan Optics Valley Vanke City Flower community, egg brother; " driving a white car in from door to door delivery. Although it is late autumn season, he was busy on his forehead of sweat. read more

How to improve the operating performance of the store

business is certainly hope can get benefits, efforts to increase turnover numbers of every business people are concerned, no matter what business, for the owner, most want to do is to enhance the operating performance of shops, only to enhance the performance, to ensure fast money. So, how to enhance the store’s operating performance? Here are three tips!

1, do a little better than the next door

shop business is to get together business, consumers enter a specific shopping district to buy their own satisfaction with the goods, mainly to compare the results of the selection. Bear in mind that consumers can only be in a very limited range of direct commodity comparison. As a result of eating, as long as the shop next door to do a little better, you can significantly improve the operating performance of the store. read more