In May 30th the first group purchase website and supplier conference and conference registration in

08 years in November, the United States is now the first Groupon buy site. With a clear profit model, rapid expansion of the region and strong financial support, Groupon has achieved profitability. After 2010, the domestic China also has emerged a number of Groupon model group, F website, the U.S. group, handle, full is the representative.

how to solve the current domestic development mode of the dragons and fishes jumbled together group purchase group purchase site in the future? How can we better? Whether it can replace the Taobao model and rewrite the new e-commerce pattern? These are very concerned about our problems. Therefore, group purchase house (, 1288 (, West network group purchase group net (, group net ( four websites jointly launched the first group purchase website and supplier conference and new network conference, aimed at providing a let many domestic grassroots group buys a website to communicate and learn from each other the platform, and the General Assembly introduced commodity suppliers to participate, discuss how to cooperate with suppliers of goods group purchase website depth, so as to solve some group purchase station market operation ability is not strong and no product can group to help the development of a helping hand menace from the rear, group purchase station. read more

August domain name dynamics 10.Com domain name to create 5 million 200 thousand transaction value

It is reported that in August September 2nd,

news, the overseas market successfully sold a number of domain names, sorting out the overseas trading platform on the 10 more expensive.COM domain name, domain name trading a total of nearly 820 thousand, about 5 million 200 thousand yuan, then simply understand these 10 domain names are


figure: August Top ranking

August, favorites domain price of $165000 to the first among the list, ranking second is the signature creative domain name, domain name trading at $150000, ranking third is trading at $105999 (the short domain name domain name may this month to confirm the transaction platform, ranked fourth) is the three letter domain name, deal with 95000 dollars. Fifth adult domain name, $80000 for sale. read more

How do I use Baidu to get traffic

everyone to do a new site, began to flow, the first thought is to promote. So many people want to go to Baidu post bar, Baidu know hair connection. It was really easy to get some IP, but the question is, do you often send your site connection, easy to be Baidu K to Post Bar, for example, your hair more, Baidu will think you hair is the connection of advertising, will give you a shield. I think a lot of friends have encountered such a problem.

Baidu do not let the advertising connection is normal ah. Because of what people in the site on your connection address ah. To send should also send someone’s address ah. So we should send the address of Baidu, so he is not afraid of our K station, shielding our domain name. read more

Baidu to do electricity supplier in India, competitive pressure is not smaller than in China

in addition to mobile phone manufacturers, Internet Co also want to go to India

Baidu not only in the country opened a little electricity supplier Baidu Mall, also want to go to India to sell things.

Baidu invested three companies in this breath. According to Reuters, the three electricity supplier in India are online search and ordering website Zomato, ticketing website BookMyShow and online supermarket BigBasket.

India market showed a huge opportunity, we want to connect more people and services, we will invest more resources in the future." A spokesman said in an email. read more

Consumers Association Double eleven consumer disputes soaring price discounts

data Zhang Yun photo

in new network on 8 December, according to the Chinese Consumer Association website news, Chinese Consumer Association today released the report, the Statistics Advisory from the National Association Organization accepting complaints, "double eleven" consumer disputes showed a sharp upward trend, many problems of high prices, discounts, poor product quality, customer service service delayed delivery of goods poor, damage the interests of consumers online shopping is more prominent. read more

Video electronic commerce website operation imagination

is currently in the world of online shopping product display is static, the number increased in any case each angle of the picture, or the use of 3D technology for object rotation, we can easily make a dress to fold to view about whether its sleeves have the same length, we can take a mobile phone back cover open take a closer look at the internal structure. Although there is now a solution of virtual fitting room and the like, but it can not provide assistance to all online products, in other words, the product line is always passive to the user, because the display is what the user can see what it looks like, like a RPG game, we can’t change the plot (product display mode), although there can be some branch selection (see a few different products, but also can follow the map) to the development of the plot (can not see hope to see their own subjective information). read more

Baidu fired Baidu promotion father of Wang Zhan but fire may be due to the promotion.

former vice president of Baidu, the father of Baidu promotion, Baidu’s first product manager Wang Zhan

Sina Technology Li  


recently described as Wei Zexi due to external domestic trouble and foreign invasion, the event continues fermentation, About Baidu promotion claims can be heard without end. The inside is quietly dismissed Wang Zhan, vice president, the latter is a participant in the promotion of Baidu and the founder of the most important, and even can be called the father of Baidu promotion". read more

3 digital Rising domain name 275849 have changed hands

renamed China ( April 21st hearing, it is reported that the day before the pack 11 3 letter domain name investor Zou Yangbing, and recently acquired 3 digital The domain name @ friends @ Kiemi Hiroshi said the number of, has also sold hands, the value of 3 digital.CN domain name soared straight.

diagram: Whois information

3 digital domain is homophonic net, safety net, love wife, love net, the network chess group. Love, safety, chess, dance, games, video and other fields can be applied. Through the eName query domain information, domain name was registered in December 2004, has been transferred to the name of Yang Bing zou. The domain name, are equipped with the number 9, very suitable to build wine platform, and the registration of the domain name is two in 2004. read more

Tongzhou, Beijing, thousands of Community Shop real name registration

in July 1st, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce formally implemented the "Interim Measures for the management of online commodity trading and related services", and the real name system of the shop was officially launched. Yesterday, the Tongzhou branch of the industrial and commercial administration under the jurisdiction of the eight network to complete the real name of the 945 shop certification, marking the opening of the Tongzhou real estate online shop into the era. read more

Fly coupons online O2O mall shocked users raised their hands

Internet plus with the arrival of the era of Internet products and services change rapidly, the user demand for the rapid growth of online shopping. From online to offline the overall quality of service, the user to pursue higher. Fly on the net, the new large life service class O2O mall, to provide you with a hand to make money, shopping experience fun.

flight ticket network ( is from Shenzhen city of Qianhai golden key Holding Group Co., the company’s O2O brand mall, the main issue and deal for businesses and users to provide information services, users through simple tasks, whenever and wherever possible interesting publishing businesses, the cumulative reward of free exchange of all kinds of businesses discount. read more

Shanghai webmaster Sixth Party gathering financing experience of the owners

Following the success of

fifth "you are not alone in the battle of the formation of" talk about the Internet business team, in November 17th sixth we will explore a series of topics: soldier assault – small website how to break the funding dilemma.

venture capital, angel, we are hanging on the lips of the hot words, but a good marriage and often small website very far. How to write a business plan by the investment people? What factors investors optimistic about the project? Family, friends, business team members to raise funds, if possible? How should we expand the financing channels, multi pronged? No money, how can we "adhere to the" survival and development?…… read more

Dating dating site will enter the stage of long-distance running

      after all, just out of the dating market, so I went to the first day lily network fan award exchange, former rivals, today’s friends. And his communication, let me jump out of the original mode of thinking, from an industry to see.

      generally speaking: dating sites, earn hard money!

      dating dating sites, through the passion dating and other non serious dating cognition, it can be said that the current dating dating has reached a user acceptance process. Users have been able to distinguish between what is not serious friends, what is dating dating. It can be said that after the first two years of market making friends, has gradually been accepted by the user. read more

The company plans to increase the Union Commission started in September 1st

August 25th news, according to sources, VANCL plans to increase the Eslite affiliate commission from September 1st, the adjustment range is between 1-1.5%.

said the person, VANCL Commission adjustment only for VANCL personal website alliance and personal shop alliance members. Among them, the ordinary commodity commission ratio from 15% to 16%, the special commission ratio from 5% adjusted to 3.5%, vip/svip account orders commission ratio from 5% to 3.5%.

the source said that the current sales situation, a special case of goods and vip/svip orders accounted for a smaller proportion of vancl. (end) read more

Rice Unification where the network closed down who dominate the online catering industry

seems to have not appeared for a long time, almost all of the rice network was left behind, but today, the industry has been crazy rumors rice Unification collapse. Is that true,


rice unification network office rent back page 400 phone access

people go to an empty room, also can not contact, seems to be absent, according to media reports, rice Unification office last year had gone back to rent, but not clear, rumors during the replacement of his office, but the specific location is unknown. Fantong page 400 telephone connection disconnected, Fantong is disappearing? Or hematemesis and we play hide and seek, and impossible! This once renowned catering site where? Netizens more speculation is bankrupt, visit the official domain name, the page is temporarily unavailable. In the catering industry, Fantong is also a veteran online ordering website has great fame. Fantong really fall? If it is a fact, then the next one will be head-on? In the field of group purchase public comment, the U.S. group net or the handle of the results, we only wait quietly. read more

Online shop owners please pay attention to the online store business license registration rules.

since August 1st, the Beijing area operators must first register the business license before operating, analysts say it may be prepared to pay for online transactions

"financial network" Zhuangao / intern reporter Zhang Boling

The provisions of Beijing city

Industrial and Commercial Bureau day before, from August 1st onwards, the Beijing area of the shop operators engaged in the sale of the business license must be registered.

analysts believe that this is the future of online transactions tax preparation. read more

Immediately disappear search product shutting down the relocation of the headquarters of the jump

instantly search home, at the beginning of October and early November. Compared to


header original search words disappear (pictures from @ four new greenhouse) Sina

Meng Hong

Sohu’s Sogou soso, a subsidiary of Tencent, is not the only year of business combination search engine. Only with the "private" rival two search "integration team" make no reply — and in the process, immediately set up more than three years of search (the original search), looks like is disappearing. read more

How do I make a website from hundreds to tens of thousands of IP

      recently the group friends often ask me to do stand experience, every time about repeating the same topic, in fact, do not stand what do stand experience, and life, honest man, honest do stand, this is my most profound experience! So I want to ask what cheating what SEO optimization, I utterly ignorant of, feel shy drop! The IP10W on the sense of accomplishment I haven’t experienced (of course is my pursuit of Oh, I have been actively optimistic), let alone what day the knife, peers do not laugh, I was a rookie, below only write some of my personal experience ~ ~ ~ ~ I in May last year started the station, really later, but was caught in the wake of the dotcom bubble recession, when I have no. read more

Exclusive analysis of the domestic 50 video site domain type

renamed China ( August 13th news, now the movie is not only on the big screen, while the TV is not just to watch on TV. Network tickets, message release, online video, film and film writing related websites all rise. In the film and television websites emerge in an endless stream, the domestic top 50 websites are in favor of what kind of domain name, and the following one by one.


: Video Site combination domain name

domain name Iqiyi, LETV Aotou high value


" originally "Qiyi" enabled the domain name on the line, after the announcement of brand promotion, launched the "Iqiyi" brand, at the same time as the official domain name enabled the domain name In June this year, Iqiyi spent nearly one million yuan to buy 2 letter domain name, now jump beloved Qiyi. The domain name IP daily (monthly average) was 9 million 750 thousand, the average daily PV (average 19 million 500 thousand months), the PR value is 7. read more

Business treasure into the boiler B2B boiler network formally launched

China boiler network home screenshot

in the web page column navigation China boiler, set up supplier, product catalogs, new supply, business opportunities, information, and thematic exhibition, recruitment, brand, database, business circle, business loans, etc. Can be seen from the settings of the column, are around a series of needs of enterprise users and expand. In the web site’s top search box, you can search for products, suppliers, the latest supply, business opportunities, information, etc.. read more

The first experience of an angel (1)

      a few friends to participate in the financing process, and angel investors have contact, I feel very interesting. The recent karma, have the opportunity to represent several traditional industries net friends want to contact business projects, participate in the project from the standpoint of the investors, have some experience, write down.

      1. Idle private capital is angel investment subject

      I think the mainstream professional investment institutions are not angels, a large number of idle private capital is, but they are not the appropriate way and entrepreneurs association. Entrepreneurs to obtain financing, do not have to squeeze the professional investment institutions these competitive diversified contact bridge, civil idle funds may be better. Trust path through acquaintances to find investment, not to know the information sent to institutions. read more