Cai Wensheng there is still room for innovation in the mobile Internet personal website

PHPWind, Xiamen fish nets, home owners (Chinaz) jointly organized the 2010 China website of local and Industry Development Forum held in Xiamen in May 14th, including more than 200 local community owners, and industry veteran Internet scene, related to the development of the theme of a in-depth discussion on the community website, to promote the community to the broader space put forward suggestions, have an important role in promoting the development of the industry.

Mr. Cai Wensheng, chairman of read more

Daily topic 58 city listed on the outbreak of equity disputes will be added to the listing

webmaster network ( October 30th news, by the end of September this year, 58 city to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) submitted a prospectus to be listed in the United states. The company raised $150 million of funds, the underwriters for Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse and Citigroup, the transaction code is WUBA. In this coming to the end of the month the United States listed on the NYSE in 58 city, unfortunate encounter disputes.


it is understood that Liu Xuanfu (Chairman of the Beijing Sun Light Television Technology Co. Ltd.) recently to the Hubei Xiaogan city Xiaonan District People’s court, said the business online (Beijing) Technology Co. Ltd. (On-Line Company chairman Cheng Handong Yao Jinbo (business), chairman and founder of the city, CEO 58) against the interests of its shareholders, Hubei and Xiaogan city of Xiaonan the District People’s court has accepted Liu Xuan pay charges. According to Liu Xuanfu, December 2009, Cheng Han Dong advantage in business On-Line Company and seal, without shareholder approval did not inform the Liu Xuanfu case, in the name of the On-Line Company and private business Yao Jinbo signed an "agreement", to give up on behalf of the holders of 58 17.5% stake in the company, which seriously damaged the business as a On-Line Company the interests of the shareholders. read more

Government governance WeChat, the number of public marketing No.

[IT] WeChat Time depth observation of the ill fated, a born touched the interests of operators, "WeChat charges" about the problems, then, in the commercialization process, also encountered false bad information center, however, WeChat and other instant messaging public does exist many illegal problems in information release.

recently, Guoxin Office jointly Ministry of industry, Ministry of public security in the country to carry out a period of a month, for special operations, WeChat and other mobile instant communication tools, focus on remediation of illegal acts in the service of publishing public information of mobile instant messaging. read more

Li Shufu denounced the Internet repairer hot do car to quanqian

in recent years, Internet companies such as cars like bamboo shoots after a spring rain coming out, the U.S. Tesla was worth more than a 110 year old veteran car manufacturers Fiat, all of a sudden, Internet car to subvert the traditional automobile argument rampant. But hundreds of years of automotive history has always been the use of new technologies for cars, few car companies have been subverted by foreign industries, this time will be an exception?

in the face of domestic Internet repairer companies rush on like a swarm of hornets, Geely chairman Li Shufu recently held in the "speculative Internet auto denounced — the Third International Automobile Safety Forum, some enterprises do not know the car, have a lot of money, the" war ", is intended to capital market quanqian. read more is still normal access to ICP license approval no results

sina science and technology news on July 1st morning news, as of today 0:30, ICP license has expired Google Chinese website (including, as well as its 265 Internet navigation is still normal access. Google China is able to regain the ICP license is inconclusive, coincidentally, it has been used by another ICP license has not passed the annual inspection.

in January 12th this year, Google announced the adjustment of China’s strategy. From the beginning of March 23rd morning, users access the automatically jump to Google Hongkong, after has quietly removed ICP license number. In fact, the same period at the end of March is the ICP license renewal application deadline. read more

The first case of public financing to raise the public to raise the effectiveness of all parties to

[Abstract] at present, including all the chips to raise the transaction, including the Internet is still in the rapid development of financial transactions.


technology news (Le Tian) September 15th news, Haidian court before the date of the plaintiff (defendant in the counterclaim) Beijing flying network technology Limited (hereinafter referred to as the flying company) and the defendant (plaintiff in the counterclaim) Beijing Nuomiduo Restaurant Management Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to Nuomiduo company) intermediary contract dispute case open verdict, the case for the country’s first public financing case. read more

Follow the trend of social networking site LinkedIn listed stimulus Limited

the business networking site LinkedIn successful listing and continued warming, not only confirms the tremendous potential of social occupation of the market, leaving investors began jealous competitors flocked and loss of users, will be placed in a social networking site is a life-and-death matter. The day before, friends network version 3 officially launched, that Tencent officially joined the social networking site battlefield. It is understood that the line for 3 months, the number of users, the number of active users beyond the traditional social networking sites such as happy. With the exception of Tencent, Baidu also unwilling to remain out of the limelight. In the Baidu world 2011 conference, Robin Li launched a new Baidu home page, which also marks the era of Baidu’s search from the era of social networking to share. read more

Innovative business models emerge online social + e-commerce =

online social networking and e-commerce is gradually moving closer to each other, the specialization of the new value chain will be more and more detailed in the future.

NetEase technology columnist Li Li (micro-blog)

have you ever seen the best social

(Social Shopping) website?

in the future, media companies will become retailers, retailers will become a media company,


this is the current most popular social relations really answers community know almost on a hot topic based on this kind of online social networking and e-commerce trends in a lot of discussion, and the answer is full of high perspicacity. read more

Recruitment website tends to regional development

last year, the total number of college graduates in the country is 2 million 800 thousand, this year the national college graduates will reach 3 million 380 thousand people, with another round of college graduates, the recruitment industry has ushered in another spring. Recently, in some job sites, job seekers do not meet of every hue in the society, the look for a needle in the ocean in search of work, expand the network applications in reverse. "Reward: 2000 yuan for a marketing specialist, expect a monthly salary of 3000-4000 yuan, not limited to welfare", "reward: 5000 yuan, apply for bank teller, five insurance requirements, there are dividends at the end, if they can enter the preparation of bounty can be negotiated"…… Along with the increasing of the employment demand, this new form of job seekers network reward, not only alleviate the increasingly fierce employment competition in the industry, no doubt to the development of recruitment website hit a shot in the arm. read more

Russian flash site KupiVIP was $38 million investment

this week, the Russian flash site KupiVIP get $38 million financing, the financing includes several heavyweight investment institutions. Such as, IntelCapital, BaldertonCapital and AccelPartners, where IntelCapital is the largest investor. Company CEO Oskar Hartmann said the company’s turnover reached $300 million this year.

in Russia last year has won Europe’s largest Internet market crown. With this momentum, especially in the country’s growing middle class and broadband usage, the market is increasingly attractive, investors naturally touch the market. At the same time there are some examples, such as search giant Yandex and Internet Co Mail.Ru has been listed. So investors are eager to catch a big fish. read more

The cross-border electricity supplier frequent headlines squandering the defective charming eyes

in recent years, if you are not in the WeChat circle of friends brush one or two purchasing information, it can only say that you have not "international". Well, say "purchasing" is a bit low? The sea Amoy you heard? Further, the word last year in "cross-border" heard? In recent one or two years, cross-border electricity is more and more popular, from a vocabulary to now No one shows any interest in, frequently appear in major media headlines. From the Baidu index can be seen, since last July so far, the search index soared, cross-border electricity supplier will become both O2O after the word of a rotten street it is now possible to look at the trend. In fact, from the earliest overseas purchasing to sea Amoy until the development of the electronic business platform site now, cross-border electricity supplier to overseas purchasing on the moment tall on the read more

Beijing Shanghai about the rules of the car landing we can also about the car

in the afternoon of December 21st, Beijing City, about the appointment of taxi business management services, the official release.

despite the objections of the previous draft is very large, but the final version of the rules or to retain the general was Tucao Beijing car Beijing people, but the rules on the models to relax.

rules, online car platform business for a period of 4 years, expire after passing the examination can be postponed, net about car platform to bear the carrier’s liability, responsibility for production safety and the corresponding social responsibility in accordance with law, security management responsibilities, and bear the vehicle driver for personnel and vehicles to buy related insurance. read more

On the construction of e-commerce platform for building decoration products

with further strengthen domestic regulation of real estate policy, the housing decoration industry supply chain downstream of the real estate business has also been affected, as competition increases, so many housing decoration companies all of a sudden management difficulty, source reduction, profit decreases, and the selectivity of the user is more and more high, many marketers think housing decoration the more kinds of better decoration products, to the user’s satisfaction, but it is limited by capital and channel pressure, makes a lot of housing decoration product marketing agents have to look at Qian Xingtan". read more

How to effectively use the Wikipedia platform to do promotion

with the popularity of the Internet, companies use the Internet to do marketing is also rising, many small and medium-sized enterprises at the Internet in the continuous development and growth, in the face of the strong is a piece of delicious cake, so many companies are using the Internet this advantage to do marketing. However, enterprises want to do marketing, the premise is the promotion of good enterprise products, websites, and other information services, for the promotion of methods, each method has the unique value of the enterprise, can bring a unique marketing. From the data point of view, the current number of companies are using Wikipedia platform to do promotion, can also be a good platform for the promotion of Wikipedia platform, otherwise the enterprise will not be so much emphasis on wikipedia. read more

Behind WeChat’s circle of friends purchasing luxury goods marketing sell fake work in just ways


behind the circle of friends: the circle of marketing work in just ways purchasing luxury goods sold fake

30 year old Zhang Hua, the day begins: open and pick up the bed of the mobile phone, WeChat or micro-blog to see his brush. Her own WeChat’s circle of friends update much faster than usual, many of which are some of the designer bags, clothes, picture information. The reporter interviewed a random number of mobile phone users, found that most people WeChat "circle of friends" there are people doing business in WeChat, LV, Chanel, Cartire international brands such as luxury, they call "purchasing luxury goods". read more

What are the contents of the operation of the business website

definition of commercial website operation, there is not a unified view, by including many practitioners of the website operation is not very clear, its subjects including exactly what? This article will be discussed in more detail.

web site operators to understand from two aspects: first, from a macro point of view, the website operation is associated with all site activities, including art, technology, market, sales, construction and so on, all belong to the category of website operation; two, from the area to see, website operation is independent of the work the content of art, technology, sales and market exists, in some big Internet companies generally have specialized website operation Department, so we can often hear the network company operations manager, operations director and other staff said. read more

Preliminary planning and operation of local e-commerce platform


since 1999, the country’s first B2C mall Dangdang after the establishment of the first domestic B2C storm. Newegg, have to follow up to B2C excellent Internet e-commerce. 04 years later, the Jingdong, where the customer, the red child vertical business outbreak and success. Although the vertical field advantage is professional, able to meet the majority of users in a certain field, easier to obtain the trust and support of users, but the customer distribution of large geographic areas, high transport costs, product type, the transportation time is long, the more important is the product specific field leads to low rate of purchase of a single user, not very good user form the habit of buying behavior. read more

Subvert the traditional electricity supplier, wisdom in the original bid bid treasure shopping mode!

under the new model of e-commerce may be a new way

recently called wisdom in bid ( has become a thriving shopping mall entertainment. It is different from the ordinary shopping website. It appears in a new way, and is different from the traditional electricity supplier.

why is new, because the out of the ordinary website mode — bid treasure. Bid treasure mode is as follows:

(Bao Chi in bid will recharge special virtual currency), the use of bid to be treasure treasure, every bid, commodity prices from 0 yuan to rise only 1 cents, then 10 seconds heartbeat countdown 10 seconds to open, if not and you are your competition, the goods by bid. According to official data, there are a lot of goods is also lower than the market price of 90 percent off. In other words, the market price of 4000 yuan iPhone 5S, you can buy a few hundred dollars or a few hundred dollars. read more

2009 Xuzhou Internet Conference held in October 31st, the fourth

news: November 2nd 2009 Fourth Xuzhou Internet webmaster conference and Huaihai Economic Zone fourth master conference scheduled for October 31st held in Xuzhou Zhongshan hotel conference hall. The conference is sponsored by the Internet Society of Xuzhou, the conference theme is "the world of Pengcheng mountain station". Attracted from all over the country nearly 500 webmaster and Internet industry elite gathered in Pengcheng on the Internet industry arena, Internet industry development in Xuzhou province. Concerned about the economic situation of the Internet, the network entrepreneurial prospects, how to promote personal website, profitability, development and other issues in-depth and wonderful discussion. read more

Group purchase industry with executives collective home analysis for bearish industry in the future

Business Daily News (reporter Wei Yu) has experienced a wave of foot digging and layoffs to buy the industry suffered a round of executives collective exodus". According to informed sources, the Wo Wo Group vice president Chen Yongjun chose to join LAFONT network, full network division vice president and group purchase industry also bid farewell to the novel. Analysts pointed out that the number of executives to leave the group purchase industry, the development of the industry very hurt, to a certain extent, part of the reason is because has left the group purchase top bearish industry in the future. read more