Robin Li on the competitive ranking fault I would like to assume full responsibility

on the evening of November 18th, Baidu CEO Robin Li today issued an open letter to all employees in the evening, CCTV reported its competitive ranking problem for the first time publicly made a statement.

Robin Li said that in recent years, the majority of the media, the majority of users of Baidu search experience, business operation and sales operation problems such as focus and focus on a show, Baidu will present problems comprehensive mining and presented to the Baidu brand image damage. He as the company’s CEO, in a very sad, with deep hatred and resentment at the same time, will also assume full responsibility, and we work together to tide over the difficulties. read more

Stationmaster net broadcast popular another big wave website is sealed

1 engaged in network extortion, paid delete posts: there is a big wave of the site was blocked by the letter  

after the last wave of 31 sites, the network letter office yesterday announced that there are 40 suspected of engaging in network extortion, paid delete posts and other illegal activities of the site was closed.

it is reported that the 40 sites were closed according to law are:

"China Information Port", "the network of public relations network", "Shanghai famous enterprises network delete posts, delete posts Jincheng net", "21 headlines network," martial arts "," Shandong broadcast network "," Shanghai crisis management "," network information delete technology center "" taste "," farmer hotline network "," brand maintenance network "," network known public relations "," professional delete posts net "," smart network public relations "," network image maintenance network "," enterprise dimensional network public relations "," crisis delete network "," easy company "," Li Shan network "," network network delete posts net "and" Zibo century "and" Beijing Fullink network delete posts "," Ke Le century "," record of the network platform, "delete" Meiya network public relations "and" baccarat "," Beijing Haotian alliance"," The network "and" chuangying network public relations network "," 120 public relations "," golden technology delete network "," the imagination of the network of public relations "," excellent cat delete network "," Beijing speed clear brand maintenance "," Jin Technology "," speed seconds to maintain the brand "," great network delete "and" delta is media network company "," network public relations crisis assistance center". read more

Hot spots are here! Baidu released 20 thousand and 160 hot search list this year is the hottest it

the morning of December 2nd, Baidu released the 2016 annual report of the search, including "the annual hot search list", "annual entertainment list" and "annual phenomenon list" three big list, brought together the Chinese people in 2016 of this year’s hottest hot search, right here.

each parent list contains several sub list, such as "ten international events", "ten words", "ten pandemic", "ten focus", "ten big crowd", "ten social expression", a total of 26. read more

Domestic class Pinterest site was the recent flow of electricity providers fell

Pinterest (image and vision of social sharing site) and brought up Chinese popular beauty said, trends, more than and 30 imitators blossom everywhere. But unlike the originator of positioning, most China Pinterest websites are dependent on the electricity supplier, more than 90% share of goods from business platform. Electric fire, also let these Pinterest sites seems promising.

but resigned only commodity business platform provider, reporter recently found that business enterprise own sharing site in the construction of shopping guide, which is independent Pinterest site traffic by up to 30%, as a way to help themselves and even sold to Jixun, Internet giant. However, analysts said, even the giant get funded, Pinterest Chinese imitator if not as soon as possible to get rid of dependence on electronic business platform, will rapidly decline nanzu. read more