Since the advent of the media Nuggets era, are you ready

a few days ago and a friend of immigration to the United States to chat, do not know who the head, he unintentionally said, in the United States, there is a eight or nine year old boy was quite famous, young age years into millions of dollars.

at first I thought the boy was a little meat, what the child star of Hollywood.

fine understanding, only to know that this fart is a big point in the form of the use of video to the same age children introduce toys or games like. His father is responsible for shooting video, the little guy is responsible for the same age if the child to play with this toy or game machine, comment on the fun and so on. Then his father uploaded the video to Youtube. Because the form is novel, each video has millions of viewers to watch every year, light is toy manufacturers advertising fees as high as $1 million 300 thousand. read more

How to really understand the user needs of the site three 24~35 age user analysis

The next

is talked about from such a group of people from the ages of 24~35 years old, this group will come from the popular significance, which belongs to the network the most love, a group of potential consumers is also the most prone to direct economic benefits.

usually to such an age, basically have a stable job, and stable work can bring stable and increased income, and because of age is not large, such a group of people, can accept all kinds of new consumption patterns brought by the network in a broad sense than other ages the audience. read more

Keyword marketing and promotion

work with Ma for Internet a "net sales", Taobao this seed has grown to be the heaven uncle, followed by Taobao and the rise of countless prospectors from from all sides want to stampede in, share a cup of "golden soup"! Of course, I am also a member of the gold rush in, but unlike most gold, I am not the owner of Taobao, the Taobao gold network but a passenger using Taobao this e-commerce platform


choose industry reasons:

everyone has a gold rush for everyone, with me as an example: read more

Customer in marketing, marketing to

aged believes that his once a year from how much sales to determine the need to do much of the type of merchandise, very wrong. In this conference, he said, at present, when users want to buy Shirts, T-shirt can remember every guest, he felt enough.

"last spring I was so upset that I only wanted to do subtraction." In April 1st where the spring and summer T-shirt conference, the old station at two or three meters high in front of the big screen, in front of thousands of spectators said. read more

Li Linkai on promotion of actual combat experience feelings

is now engaged in network promotion work is really make painstaking efforts, every day is the miserable work pile up like a mountain hand oppression. This does not, in this I will for this job experience, write down their feelings: "get up earlier than chicken, sleep later than cats, eat the food, dry cattle live". Why? Please carefully consider a brother with you.

1, the network has been widely used in recent years in China, which led to the majority of the company’s online marketing awareness is weak, they always want to get the maximum return with minimum investment. You know, this network promotion as we talk about the boys like to remember the object, three points seven points: tight, loose, and then into the collapse, is anxious eat hot tofu. read more

The problem of human nature tells me that the Internet free era is coming to an end!

recently work relatively tight, and the work plan has been lined up early next year, the two day he experienced some things, although I don’t care, but through this little thing, I see some human problems, so today and we chat the human network training in the industry.

refers to this kind of problem is not the network training, but training, although is essentially the problem of human nature, but I have thought everyone reading this a lot of people think I’m this article wants to vent, how do you understand I can’t, but I just want to say to myself say these words, there is no right or wrong, only the approval and disapproval of two results. read more

The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region’s first ten excellent site selection activities launched

to promote the healthy development of the Internet, strengthen the network culture construction, promote the "civilized, civilized" and "sunshine green network project" activities, by the Inner Mongolia Party Committee Propaganda Department, the Inner Mongolia communications administration, Inner Mongolia Internet Association jointly launched Inner Mongolia’s first ten excellent site selection activities recently started.

it is understood that the event is divided into recommended sites, voting, jury selection of three stages. Where compliance with the relevant laws of the state read more

Personal summary point of the site development points

      1 show that the data you need to choose, we must first of all whether this data is massive data. For example: select the drop-down box to add 100 records

      2 try not to limit the user’s input content.

          verify the content of the input (regular expressions)
          segmentation and processing return empty items (String.split (New String[]{”,’}’; StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries,
          Chinese consider, full width character content.
      3 background interface design on the predetermined CSS, general background interface development, interface changes is not large, under the treatment of CSS. Otherwise a TD. read more

[the Internet] second dry cargo how to defeat the boss

Internet industry is the second to beat the industry leader, is a very interesting, it is worth exploring the issue. In this paper, the author combed his understanding of this issue, and for the field of online tourism elong as a case, from a perspective of industry observers to analyze and discuss. The young investor club.

I want to think and answer the following questions: (1) whether the Internet can beat the second industry leader? (2) how to beat the Internet Dick Dick? (3) how to help the investment industry second? (4) how competition in the online travel industry? (5) elong should take what kind of way beat the industry leader read more

Network letter office shut down 32 illegal websites are involved in network extortion and paid delet

in March 4th, the state Internet Information Office announced recently shut down in accordance with the law "and" net "spot trading rights" and other 32 sites list. This is the national network information office, the Ministry of public security, press and Publication Administration jointly launched the "network extortion and delete posts paid" special rectification work, the competent department according to the masses of the first batch of illegal websites shut down. read more

How to write a good article

with the updated Baidu algorithm constantly, Baidu’s recent moves frequently, and Smith, is to engage in pomegranate, bitter stationmaster puzzled, in fact, Baidu? Is the changes in the algorithm, the only reason among them, as long as we hold a webmaster, original articles updated every day and do more conducive to the user experience of things, site traffic will slowly up, pull a little far, today I have to share all the "how to stand in the user’s point of view" article written medical station, help patients solve their problem need to be solved, this is the king. read more

All four flow play Sohu news found Yang Yang Wu Yifan endorsement

in the first half of 16, deer Han, Li Yifeng two "flow play had endorsements Sohu news, in the subway, buses, cinemas and buildings, high streets and back lanes. This year, as usual, in the past 2016 Sohu annual fashion festival, Yang Yang won the annual popular male star, and Wu Yifan as a candidate after the Sohu news in the first time to find Wu Yifan and Yang Yang endorsement Sohu news client.

is currently Yang Yang’s endorsement AD and H5 has been out of the street, Wu Yifan is still in the advertising shoot. read more

Fog Creek boss Joel Spolsky how to distribute equity equity

the problem is so common that I’m going to give the world the most detailed answer to this question. I hope that in the future if someone asked a similar question, we just need to quote my answer.

1, the most important (equity allocation) principle.

fair, but also perceived fairness, more valuable than the real shares. In a startup, almost everything that can go wrong will go wrong, and the fault of the one of the biggest problems is huge, angry, loud among the founders on the "who work harder" argument was, who have more shares, who put forward ideas and so on. read more

The line is 100 is not 0 Durex with event marketing in the end how to also headlines

through the recent Spartan marketing event, CEO and micro-blog V, micro-blog disputes, and new media marketing to highlight the essence of marketing is not a fancy, but the quality of the product itself. I believe you will have a fresh feeling after reading.

recently, a lot of hot events. Followed by the major brands of new media marketing, it is called an overwhelming. With some, shine, as in "another planet" event marketing, Benz flashed you there, see the star "; some don’t, as in" Sanlitun UNIQLO "event marketing, Durex is not directly with the headlines! Come with marketing events, what with those things? Children here on our national emblem teacher came to tell us about the new media event marketing read more

Small and medium businesses need to take the traditional network marketing precision

network marketing in recent years in China’s rapid development, emerge in an endless stream a variety of marketing methods, some large, the strength of traditional enterprises have embarked on the network, the network marketing of the road construction site, engage in the promotion, tens of thousands or even hundreds of marketing funds every year there are many enterprises in the network marketing, which makes itself a powerful enterprise a tiger with wings added the brand effect is, publicity, sales channels are more widely. read more

Founder Wang Yong replay history carpool slightly down 40 million in exchange for what experiences a

Abstract: once the valuation of 1 billion yuan slightly carpool ultimately in the capital of winter fallen down, the rise and fall of multitray slightly carpool experience, those lessons on the founder bought by about 40000000.


titanium media together with the 51 car, carpool, tick every car, carpool slightly carpool market was considered to be the stars of tomorrow, once the valuation of 1 billion yuan, but the aura is fleeting, slightly carpool ultimately in the capital of winter. The face slightly carpool founder Wang Yong, the rise and fall of multitray slightly carpool experience, those lessons on the founder bought by about 40000000: read more

WeChat marketing Combat three thousand fans a day how to achieve sales of five times

this case is the author personally involved in the planning and implementation of a WeChat marketing case (a similar role in planning the role of soy sauce consultant), from the beginning of the plan to start five days, more hasty. I am not very satisfied with the final result, perhaps the first time to do similar activities, in some detail is not enough. In this article, I will first make a description of the whole process, while pointing out some of the details, because the case involves the customer, so the important data is not published. read more

Learn how to pack the expression with the light IP Line big business

Abstract: through the lovely and the story of the map, Line allows users to take out more and more money. The Japanese instant messaging software, the expression package as IP operations, realized, and ultimately achieved success.

in July 14th this year, the Japanese chat application Line listed on the New York stock exchange. The IPO, Line total financing of $1 billion 300 million, the market valuation of over $7 billion, becoming the first public offering after the Alibaba, the world’s largest technology IPO. read more

How to promote the most convenient website

learning SEO, how to promote the most convenient, the most efficient navigation on the Internet! How do we do 100 thousand IP10W people use the 77265 navigation! First, I first introduce how she is standing:

she is a comprehensive website, she provides personal network favorites function for everyone, it can help you to love your web site, such as your favorite film – dance music MP3-DJ – -QQ code – Xiaonei code -… From now on… You don’t have to memorize a URL read more

Spring Festival Party local station you can seize this opportunity

there will be less than 2 months to celebrate the new year, the Spring Festival party how are you going to do it?

many sites in the Spring Festival party is nothing more than to eat K song and so on, had wanted to make a successful party? After all, it is very difficult to have such a chance.

we had a party last Spring Festival, when more than and 150 people, more than a dozen wonderful programs, and interactive games. And sponsored gifts. The scene is very hot.

Spring Festival this year, we are now beginning to prepare for the hope that the owners of the local station can grasp such an opportunity. read more