Alibaba was a class action in the United States 7 firms have been involved in

Beijing News (reporter Zhao Jiani Liu Suhong) the State Administration for Industry and commerce "white paper" after the announcement, the Alibaba group on suspicion of "concealing the investigation by the regulatory authorities", was the collective action in the United States, there are 7 firms involved. Some lawyers believe that after SAIC white paper can still make evidence.

7 American firms have been involved in the investigation of

since January 27th, the official Taobao micro-blog questioned the Administration for Industry and Commerce sampling results, extensive attention has been paid to the Alibaba and the Administration for Industry and Commerce of the "play" come to an end, however, the Alibaba also face more trouble. read more

Present personal website has entered the era of capital

the early Internet, as Columbo discovered the new continent. The pioneer circle on a piece of land, you can start your own construction. At that time, very few online resources, personal webmaster to many of the information, pictures on the Internet, to make a great contribution to the rich network resources. At the same time, access to considerable site traffic. At that time, more for the sake of interest, very few commercial interests. After all, the company has not been in the Internet advertising awareness. read more

Sum up my 29 years of life lessons

is too easy to be good and personnel instantly moved to shed tears of disappointing, in fact, instead of being moved, as usual to do so moved to no chance of happening, moved mostly from the good things not too long, even rare, there should not be

perfection, anti jingzuan too far, fine to do, but also know how to leave room for others to turn around, the appropriate gap can harmonious interaction, what is your whole family, only nod with shaking his head, he seems to be equal to anything, all-inclusive, actually far away from the people, and not to close, even if you is God, also don’t think only accept worship, and you don’t have the ability to have the old thinking that exhausted the perfect in every respect, so that you read more

Micro-blog will push the gold V certification only the top orange V users to read more than ten mill

micro-blog plus V certification, micro-blog is a unique logo, can highlight different identities. We may all know orange V, blue V, and now the new "golden V" is coming.

According to the different types of

, can be divided into personal certification, official certification, since the media certification. Individuals, from the media will be displayed after the certification orange V logo, and the official certification is blue V logo, mainly for agencies, government.

micro-blog will push gold V certification: limited to the top orange V users to read more than ten million read more

Figure IPO us contact with investors to raise $750 million

in August this year, the news said the company plans to figure in Hongkong in the fourth quarter of this year’s IPO (IPO), valuation of more than $5 billion, raising the amount of up to 5 to $1 billion. Because in a quiet period before the listing, Mito company has not made any official response to the rumors, but from various investors and employees within the company can be seen, Mito company IPO has been close at hand.

recently, according to Bloomberg news, Mito company this week and some investors in Hongkong, London, New York and Boston contact, understand these investors for the value demand of IPO, and in the next week, Mito will choose the Asian investors before the start of the roadshow management. read more

Jiubang digital content publishers alleged infringement claims 20 million

reporter Lv Yin from Guangzhou

from 2005 to the present, Guangzhou Youth Culture Communication Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Youth Literature" (3G) and jiubang digital portal for web hosting) the novel copyright infringement lawsuit as the marathon, has lasted 8 years.

"ten years (tort) evidence chain, for youth literature, this damage is devastating." In mid July, Wu Jinwen, chairman of youth literature detailing the company suffered combat infringement status to the weekly Times reporter, has been unable to operate on the verge of trouble "". read more

APP which companies in the brush list of Internet companies indispensable technology

text / Lu Xucheng

CTO and micro-blog on the DXY as activists, Feng Dahui often received such a message: "brother, your application is good, I just had some experience and the amount of software available for download ranking can communicate together with my qqXXX."

see this message, Feng Dahui often hated teeth itch. He said his company worked as "drug assistant" experience and promotion of products, some opponents through the brush list means very easily rushed in front of the apple store list. read more

In the statement some media reported jurisprudence name is incorrect


technology news February 2nd morning news, Shandong famous local portal site in a statement today (, according to some media reports in the jurisprudence issue, mistake the domain name writing clarification. Shun said, is not in the domain name registration, and its content further carried out self-examination.

according to previous media reports, Shun net ( in January 27, 2010 to about 17:00 in January 29th during 11:30 to visit. The domain name service provider network Chinese said received Internet Information Center (CNNIC) of the notice, Shun net involved in pornographic and other illegal information, so the domain name resolution. (Shu Shi) read more