DEDECMS system IT Platon lecture content

DEDECMS system IT Platon lecture content

DEDECMS system application skills, by our DEDECMS developers to lecture, expert lecture is really good, I hope some friends have seen all look at, I put the content of the lecture IT Platon

came out for the purpose of convenience we have not seen the webmaster, I hope everyone likes! Thank you

if it is convenient, the QQ group open the window to full screen, that I had today is to fully Dede about some intermediate application problems, but I’m afraid the time is limited, only a part, so read more

Business Navigation rebate network access to Disney tens of millions of dollars in investment

on the business navigation and shopping rebate for the core business of consumer shopping guide website rebate network announced yesterday, tens of millions of dollars in investment has been Chuangtou and Disney’s steamboat ventures.

The main mode for signing

rebate network with the B2C website, Internet users use the website account can log in contract for businesses, according to the proportion of shopping or quotas to get cash back now. According to reports, including Jingdong,, Eslite mall, shop No. 1, the U.S. group net and site have been contracted. read more

Network dating swept the United States spawned billions of scale industries

Internet has increasingly become an important place for people to find love

network in Beijing on February 11th, according to voice of China "global Chinese radio network" reported that a few days before the Western Valentine’s day. The latest survey in the United States found that the Internet is increasingly becoming an important place for people to find love, people who can access the Internet more likely to find the other half. At the same time, the network may soon be replaced by friends, became the main channel for American blind date. read more

Ali 1 billion acquisition cup with online selling prescription drugs or release

text / Liu Yanqing

"This is a Alibaba

cup!" on May 28th, the State Food and Drug Administration (hereinafter referred to as the State Food and Drug Administration) released "the Internet operating food and drug supervision and management approach (Draft)" (hereinafter referred to as "the draft") but two hours, a person in charge of medicine the electricity supplier to issue such a comment on WeChat.

earlier this year, Alibaba spent 1 billion 37 million yuan acquisition of CITIC twenty-first Century (0241.HK) of the shares of 54.3%. Industry analysts pointed out that the reason why Ali make such a big acquisition, fancy is CITIC twenty-first Century’s eye Hebei medical technology company 95095 pharmaceutical sales platform in November last year to get the third party online drug transaction certificate. But in the Alibaba Tmall medical Pavilion justifiably sell drugs but 4 months, by the State Food and Drug Administration drafted this paper "draft", not only will relax the approval of third party transaction management platform, and even put forward who meet the Internet business platform requirements will be the sale of prescription drugs read more

A5 webmaster network eighteenth SEO training courses began to accept the application

training purposes: in the rapid development of the network today, how to attract a large number of sites for the high quality of access traffic, which has aroused the concern of the site owners. In many ways of network marketing, search engine marketing with its unique advantages, has become the most sought after hot objects. Only the structure and information on the website of the relevant adjustment, then in accordance with the strategy of certain skills on the site for maintenance, can flow into the high quality Everfount for site from a search engine, called search engine optimization technology, through the training courses for students in SEO under the guidance of experts, fast learn to search engine optimization techniques, to avoid wasting time in their own way; to study the system of the whole working process of SEO, quickly master SEO optimization.
1 in SEO expert guidance, quickly learn to search engine optimization technology, to avoid waste of time in their exploration;
as long as the company needs to make the website SEO.
1 if you are a web editor, you need to learn SEO to respond to the increasing traffic pressure assessment, the same news, through the SEO optimization can be obtained than that without SEO optimization more traffic.
2 if you are a product of the website staff, you need to analyze the search engine users interest points and content requirements of SEO learning, can easily be designed according to the technology of search engine crawling, indexing and ranking product optimization SEO.
3 if you are a web technology development or page production staff, you need to learn to avoid obstacles to grab the SEO search engine, in the realization of the function at the same time, make the site more flow, more valuable.
4 if you are the boss of the company, although you do not need hands-on, but you need to learn SEO to further understand the search engine and those in the company’s success and a lot of investment in the search engine optimization, make your company on the Internet is so advanced today more competitive.
5 if you are doing foreign trade business, so you must know Go> read more

The body does not move, the heart has been far – the advent of the era of mobile search

      contact the first mobile search, in fact, not long ago, together with a few good friends chatting in a no Internet cafes, I do not know who is talking about 3G such a concept, mutual exchange of views, I and another person some opinion is at odds, and the result of the debate is who can convince anyone, a friend said: "very simple, with Google Internet search, can know" near the cafe? Someone pulled out his cell phone, directly into the network, immediately search out what we want, I just feel the real point of the mobile search. read more

Finnciti website suspected MLM should be vigilant

Xinhua Fuzhou August (reporter Mi Yingting) recently, Fujian public security departments, industry and commerce departments have received a report from the masses network, Quanzhou and other places there are some people involved in Finnciti’s network marketing. Finnciti formerly known as smicap company, the company name for the development of online advertising services, but by means of suspected MLM illegal money using the Internet, followed by the new joined the staff pay to pay on bonuses and rebates. In this regard, public security, industry and commerce departments jointly issued tips: do not rely on such pyramid schemes, in order to avoid economic losses. read more

2012 of the world’s 30 most beautiful web page simple vs cool

Crazyleaf Design Blog 2012 top 30 most beautiful sites, show the past year web design direction. The Kitchen Project


Aspect Photography


K2 Digital Agency

Barrel 2012 Recap


The at Suttle Lodge Lake




Mario Testino

Salt Surf


Kendu POS

Clarks Originals

Guy Vernes

The Sty>

Daily topic inventory Baidu Google update

station network ( July 3rd news, the first half of the 13 years has imperceptibly passed, in the second half of this time is over, I believe that Baidu algorithm update did not make the webmaster less to worry about! Today we have to sum up Baidu and Google algorithm updates which have.

first launched at the beginning of this year, Scindapsus algorithm. Scindapsus algorithm is mainly for the sale of connection behavior, super chain intermediary, sell link website, buy links will be affected in different degrees. The introduction of the algorithm to effectively curb malicious exchange links, the behavior of the release of the chain, effectively purify the Internet ecosystem. read more

Travel vertical search engine will lead the future of online travel

According to the analysis of the relevant professionals, with the growth of the middle class leisure travel, the popularity of credit cards and the development of the Internet, China’s online travel market is growing rapidly

. According to the National Tourism Administration data show that in 2009 China’s tourism revenue reached 1 trillion and 300 billion yuan, an increase of 9%. With the change of people’s attitude towards life and the improvement of consumption ability. People now see vacations as part of a healthy lifestyle. China Internet Network Information Center has released the twenty-fifth China Internet development statistics report shows that in 2009 the size of online travel booking users reached 30 million 240 thousand, an increase of up to 77.9%. With the economic situation and the relevant policies to encourage, there will be more users will be transferred to online. The lunar new year in 2010 ushered in the peak of the flow of millions of tourists, many people on the Internet booking round-trip air tickets and hotel rooms and tourist attractions tickets. With the opening on 2010 in Shanghai World Expo and the Guangzhou Asian Games, and online travel service providers of insurance, visa, vacation and other derivatives around the expansion of the online travel market is expected to continue rapid growth, iResearch data show that in 2010 the Chinese online ticket, hotel and package travel booking revenue grew 27% to reach 4 billion 750 million RMB ($695 million 800 thousand), while in 2013 this figure will rise to 9 billion 10 million yuan. read more

The popularization of the novel website (Continued)

designed a novel website promotion method to you yesterday, today to make a lot of friends, and they discuss the specific details of the novel website promotion, A5 is really a good place, what time can be the same as the 9A webmaster Wangzhuan and A5 status, the majority of owners in mind and I have the same idea: do 9A webmaster Wangzhuan like A5, to be able to help! Well, the new method below we talk about fiction website promotion again:

1 circle promotion novel website: do not know is that bastard said the arrival of Web3.0 era, so SNS websites are everywhere, look at the SNS site is not the so-called circle, we can do this, registered several ID, and then their copy several comments on the novel, and then add the fiction circle no, never mind?, you can build the best ah, your choice of SNS class website is the story, and then write the article, this circle of people to see your article to your site will bring some good article, note that the best every day to write to make your website has a link to the article at the top, and the title of the article on the novel, try to lure a specific operational level, see you. read more

4 misunderstandings of enterprise WeChat operation and the 3 solutions

like website construction is just emerging as today’s website has become the enterprise standard, WeChat public number is also in website construction way, has become standard business, a little planning company without running a WeChat public no one feel shy. The main products sold by advertising enterprises is in droves.

similarly, we follow the trend will follow suit, Weihai day a network on a number of companies operating WeChat public number of errors, write out for everyone to discuss. read more

How to run the learning community

The concept of

community in recent years is more popular in the mobile Internet, everyone can ear cooked, "are known to all logic thinking is a learning community, what yanxishe similar to this community too much, Yang Zi is not here to introduce, everyone thought that Yang Zi was too much in advertising for them (I don’t want to do for them advertising here).

on the success of community building, in Yang Zi seems less than three core ideas:

1, the social impact of the founder’s personal brand is big enough. read more

Analysis of user behavior in social media companies how to do micro-blog marketing


in micro-blog large data, user behavior is more elusive or regular seek? Whether the data reflects the real situation? What is the data collection, data analysis of what is? Whether companies are confused in the data see? @ @ Liu De assistant micro-blog companies invited guest atlas enterprises micro-blog talk, and share with you how the analysis of user behavior on social media.

What is the significance of

data mining for social media?

analysis of the role of data in the end how much, how should we rely on data to do more things? read more

How to shield the GG ads in those deceptive free QQ advertising

these GG ad adsence cheat free QQ advertising is part of the online collection, and the other part is their own, and we want to help. Google doesn’t care, then we’re self-sufficient.

is my first screen list: ed hoop111> read more

The headlines who is behind the negative marketing success

In recent days the

is red, red, let Wang Feng envy, the firm is not only the headlines, articles, and Ma Yili, Yao Di, uniform search index to the stars on the up. The letter of apology has become a lot of users spoof object, a variety of articles appeared on the Internet, as well as Ma Yili’s classic answer, and the line and cherish". In fact, as the majority of the crowd, more are watching the state of mind, a lot of similar events in the entertainment industry, but the star of this negative news can make their attention greatly enhanced. In fact, this is a successful case of negative marketing, and some won the box office, the reputation of the trash film, the more users Tucao, the more people have to watch. From the article derailed this event, we are seriously thinking about who is behind the flames, who is planning a similar Internet hype incident? read more

Forum to promote a number of new ideas

a few days ago, figure wangdage in the online publication of "forum to promote free door", even the old all said so, it seems now to do BBS promotion is really difficult, at least according to the traditional mode is difficult to promote.

rookie today suddenly flashes, have some ideas, maybe we can do this, there will be a little effect.

first, you can find some good writing pen, after a certain influence has certain promotion consciousness, just on which fire forum, knock on the keyboard, our website news from irrigation by community partition’s Inn had been knocked to the top. read more

Don’t put fans economy as soliciting economic! Traditional enterprises how to do

original title: Jiang Likun: how to play good traditional fans economy

on the Internet every year there will be some new concepts, some of these concepts is a good concept can really solve the problem, and there is a false concept only wurenzidi. This does not, in recent years the fans economy became very popular, especially WeChat hot, directly promoted the development and popularization of the fans economy. If the circle of people, WeChat did not have thousands of friends are embarrassed to greet people; if the enterprise, not the entire WeChat public number is almost behind the symbol. Of course, I am not saying that fans economy is not good, on the contrary, I think the fans economy is a good idea to solve the problem. But many people understand the fans economy wide, with rotten, so today jianglikun here and we detailed discuss traditional enterprises in the end how fun fans economy. read more

What is the overwhelming victory in the rankings

usually, the home page is the weight of the site page, whether it is in the web page ranking or access to traffic are far more than the site with the page. While you may have been found in a lot of keywords ranking, website ranking is often involved in web pages, and page but in 100, the overwhelming page ranking what is why? The author Dennis some website page rank, while the home does not participate in the rankings for the original network optimization to share today as the wise remark of an experienced person everyone. read more

Zhong Zhixin network marketing strategy has its own characteristics

in order to attract the attention of the user, it is best to come up with a real and others do not like the project, have their own characteristics. From the following four simple to talk about my views

1, do the first

anything first names can let people deeply remember. For example, the Olympic champion, this is absolutely a lot of people remember, and remember the possibility of runner up is much smaller than the championship, this is because the ads on TV are please why the Olympic champion to shoot, and not to please the runner up. The first is the "famous brand", others can not get away. Like the four portal station Sina, NetEase, Sohu, Tencent, is because of the relatively early, in the hearts of the user has been printed a deep trace, we know that the news to go to these large sites. If you want to do a portal site, it is very difficult to do, unless you and Tencent, there is a huge user base. There is a Sina micro-blog, is also the first launch of micro-blog, when it comes to you the first affirmation is Sina micro-blog, of course, you may say there is no way to Tencent, the Tencent, the user group is too large, now basically the Internet will have QQ ten thousand words omitted, you know. There are like Ma Yun’s Alibaba, Taobao, etc., are the first example of such a lot of examples in this is not an example. Anyway, as far as possible to find no one has done, or a small competition projects. read more