Enterprise network marketing need to do three core

according to the latest statistics show that the total number of websites in China has reached 1 million 500 thousand, of which the proportion of corporate sites close to 70%, the number of more than 1 million. More and more enterprises recognize the importance of the Internet market, the Internet has gradually become an effective tool for business activities. Experts believe that China’s accession to WTO, enterprises are facing the competition of domestic and foreign enterprises, informatization and networking can create a fair competition environment for small and medium-sized enterprises, enterprise informatization is the inevitable development of China’s network. There are three core problems in the process of enterprise network marketing. read more

Event marketing in the eyes of a grassroots webmaster

speaking of network marketing event marketing webmaster friends no stranger. With the development of the Internet and the growing ranks of Internet users, event marketing has been paid more and more attention. Event marketing is like a double-edged sword, if the use of good results will be a large extent to enhance the brand awareness of enterprises, and the cost is relatively low. But if used improperly, it will self brand.

you may remember a 08 years of successful event marketing case — Wanglaoji event marketing. With the donation of 100 million during the earthquake in Wenchuan and then to "ban Wong Lo Kat", became a well-known brand. The success of the network marketing also led to other traditional media competing reports, so in the low-cost operation, the advertising effect is definitely value for money. This is the network event marketing has the charm and strength. read more

What is the future of social marketing Mobile will replace mobile priority

although we just entered 2015 soon, but if the annual general issues today, we are not "today", but in the next year or even more long-term future, what will happen in this society.

in fact, the importance of the importance of the future development trend is not to say, and in this rapidly changing social media world, its change is particularly worthy of attention. For example, at the beginning of 2014, Facebook (natural touch of the brand through the way of paying, the brand message through Facebook platform to the user) is still very popular, and the video from the media "(Vblogger) the term has just been put forward. Just over a year, the natural touch seems to have been turned down by Sheng, and video from the media has been the use of multimedia. Looking ahead, social applications with instant messaging capabilities have made great achievements. read more

From the media easily into the three errors

has done more than a year since the media, harvest a lot, but also understand a lot. In order to help more novice from the media, the Shao Lianhu blog this year’s operations from the media experience to share with everyone.

Baidu Encyclopedia for the definition of the media:

media (English Name: We Media) is also called "citizen media" or "personal media", is a private, civilian, generalization, independent of the communicators, with modern electronic means, in general, not specific to the new media most of the single individual or a specific delivery specification and the non normative information. Since the media platform includes: blog, micro-blog, WeChat, Baidu official post bar, forums, /BBS and other online communities. read more

Mid Autumn Festival approaching, how to use the Internet to sell moon cake thinking

Mid Autumn Festival is bright.

two weeks later today, is the annual mid autumn festival. When approaching this day, not only the "Moonlight", those who hope to reunite with their families, good welfare enterprises and the moon cake, moon cake manufacturers and media have also started a new attempt to have. So how do we sell moon cake?

case 1: logical thinking.

China’s most fire from the media, video talk show. Luo Ji thinking is the economic route to fans, in the name of true love to sell moon cake, sales channels mainly WeChat. At present, the online data is: since the July 18th launch of the special love for the moon, as of 20, the highest cumulative receiving only 70 boxes, twenty total add up to no more than 700 boxes, presumably should be in the total sales of about 1000 boxes, a box of moon cake priced at 199 yuan, the total sales of around 200 thousand. read more

Zhao Yong BBS forum Fenghua twenty years memorabilia

by the end of 2009, there are 130 10000 BBS…. through various Internet > rectification;… BBS.. but at least there should be a hundreds of thousands of >…… these years, although a variety of fashion constantly.. video, blog, SNS…, MB… BBS…… once the leader on the Tianya gradually wood cat the original thunder > BBS….. But wood has still disappeared….. From the domestic Internet and vertical momentum and localization of MS is better. read more

WeChat electric noun solution of 11 micro Zibei innocently tell


] WeChat news billion state power spawned one after the "micro" Zibei products, both WeChat official control, there are third party developers trader. But perhaps the richness of the Chinese language is not enough, WeChat electricity suppliers are more and more similar nouns, and even hit the name". The day before the billion state power network common nouns about WeChat electricity supplier industry, disposable clarify 11 "micro" Zibei this silly points not clear.

micro living read more

Public comment website and App failure to jump to Tmall official website

sina science and technology news on June 18th morning news, the official website of the public comment (www.dianping.com) and App in the evening of this unusual. After the failure of the official website to open and jump to Tmall’s 6.18 big promotion page, and the public comment App can not refresh at the same time. Public comment, said the site is due to the failure of the public domain name domain name registration loopholes, the official is to fix the problem.

aspects of public comment responded that the company is currently ruled out domain name failure, this failure will not cause any impact on the site’s user information security. read more

Wang Xin was jailed for 3 years 6 months and fined 1 million Nora jurisprudence case executives are

A5 business network (admin5.com) September 13th morning news, a year and a half of the Nora jurisprudence case verdicts today, our executives have pleaded guilty in court, including Wang Xin, jailed in three years and six months, fined 1 million; other defendants were sentenced to make the following: Zhang Kedong in three years and three months, and fined five hundred thousand yuan; Wu Ming in three years and three months. Fined three hundred thousand yuan; Niu Wen was sentenced to three years imprisonment and fined two hundred thousand yuan. Nora fined a total of ten million yuan. read more

A new railway ticket system cost over 300 million upgrade after getting angrier

new railway ticketing system cost over 300 million

every reporter Li Wenyi from Chengdu, Beijing,,

for online "hard to get a vote" situation has not changed, the public was derided as "a magical site" Chinese railway customer service center 12306.cn in widespread criticism in the sound of the ticket system began to seek change.

according to the Ministry of Railways at the beginning of the September statement, a new generation of Railway Ticketing and reservation system (hereinafter referred to as the new ticket system) construction will last for more than 3 years, completed a project task, will be before the end of this year by the end of 2015, the entire project is completed. read more

Anti vice office crackdown pornographic information Sohu, Tencent, the thunder of the penalty of 50


Times News (reporter Wang Sheng Liao Feng) the day before, the national anti pornography Office of the joint public security departments on the use of micro-blog and WeChat platform for information dissemination of pornographic illegal conduct remediation, Sohu, Tencent, due to lack of supervision of the thunder was fined 50 thousand yuan, the public security organs destroyed within a month by micro-blog, WeChat prostitution Gang 4 the 25 suspects arrested.

, the national anti pornography Office of the relevant responsible person said, at this stage the use of mobile phone and other mobile intelligent terminal, through micro-blog, WeChat, micro, micro film and other pornographic information dissemination situation gradually formed, the spread of pornographic information chain. Since August, Beijing, the Shenzhen press and publication and the cultural administrative law enforcement departments of Sohu, Tencent, thunder 3 due to lack of supervision led to the operation of micro-blog, WeChat and other products exist dissemination of pornographic information problems enterprises were punished. Since August, Beijing police destroyed by micro-blog, WeChat and other social tools organized prostitution Gang 4, investigate prostitution dens 6, criminals and arrested 25 people. read more

Dare to launch the world’s first Hangzhou IDC free home service

These days the weather is very hot

at the beginning of July, the webmaster mood is very upset. Photos for the record, like a mountain of general pressure in the hearts of the webmaster.

according to the Ministry of the new filing requirements, the owners have to go to the service provider company site photography, many owners in order to record a thousand

long, travel to spend thousands of dollars. For example, you bought a virtual host in Chengdu, Beijing, whether you fly or

take the train or not, you must go to Beijing to take pictures. Even before the record has been possible to re record. read more

In 2015 Chinese P2P net loan regulation in contrast, industry reshuffle

The trend of online financial

Internet technology, big data, user experience and channels as the representative, the P2P net loan industry once again pushed to the public opinion. 2015 hit P2P net loan, will be a feast of ordinary investors, platform operators, venture capital institutions, financing needs and related consulting services, cooperation channels and Internet marketing services platform to enjoy the.

2014 has come to an end, P2P net loan industry is still staged the last carnival. Data show that as of December 19, 2014, China P2P net loan volume reached 305 billion 700 million yuan, compared to the turnover of $87 billion 419 million in 2013 to count, an increase of 250%. Have to say that in 2014 the P2P net loan industry, has become the exception of the banking system in addition to the typical financing services. read more

Zhang Zhi a circle that hasn’t been drawn so far

car business network was founded in 2001, had drawn a circle: BCAR – Internet users – Dealers – BCAR. The website attracts a netizen, the netizen introduction to the dealer dealer sales back to the site of the commission. To be honest, we don’t have this circle on the circle. Look around, as if there is no realization of the site.

online selling cars, strong in the 4S mode today, there is no possibility to achieve.

look at the current and automotive related sites, can be divided into several categories: read more

2013 owners of the network of public lectures Taobao twenty-seventh small and medium sellers win in

after 2012, Taobao’s balance is gradually tilted, the greater the seller’s support is growing; but for the new small sellers, the opportunity is getting smaller and smaller. Taobao profit small sellers living space, more small sellers will decide on what path to follow as a novice shop Taobao? How should one step towards success? A5 webmaster network distinguished Taobao business expert analysis Taobao shop deal, to help you quickly master the Taobao shop shop operation skills and network skills, through a lot of the real case analysis teaching how do you do a Taobao / Tmall shop. read more

2014 mobile internet marketing model

recently used to do a lot of mobile Internet mobile gaming web marketing, although in terms of the flow of my website without much help, but an application can help in advertising alliance earn above 50 dollars is very good, for all of US $50 is not really what to do, but at least one the website can earn 50 dollars also have a psychological comfort, is not too much grassroots website operation for many years, has no profit, well, today take you to a fun mobile Internet marketing.

mobile web application promotion read more

An article on how to bring me a thousand days

"an article on how to bring me a day to bring thousands of traffic," the topic does not seem to be very correct, because it is only 22:30, less than a day, but this article hits has reached 1180. And still rising……

cut the crap.. First of all, to catch the key words the latest hot, such as "MSN red head, QQ’s head of these words as the hottest! I wrote the title is" MSN red QQ head, red head [picture], the "plus" [picture] "because" MSN red QQ’s Avatar avatar, like the news too much, and are accounted for in front of large portal distance! Not the users really want, users want to find the hearts of pictures to the search, you can see at a glance… read more

The 38 section of Baidu Nuomi Taobao, a joint marketing

38 Baidu Nuomi Taobao, a joint marketing

Ma boasted, "38 women’s Day National People’s day a net of idle away in seeking pleasure" when, just completed wholly acquired and renamed Baidu Nuomi suddenly announced a $100 million cut, first open dry "37 women’s day".

a O2O finally started the fire fight There was no parallel in history.! And war scenes, BAT three giants of the O2O online to the new business model "under the nouveau riche type enclosure.

  read more

Jingdong finance 6 billion 700 million yuan investor list released a total of 13

April 25th news, a detailed list of investors Jingdong finance 6 billion 650 million yuan financing released: a total of 13 investors, including a natural person investors.

changes before and after the list of shareholders

January 2016, the Jingdong announced the acquisition of financial capital from Sequoia Fund, harvest Chinese investment and China Taiping led the investor’s investment, financing amount of 6 billion 650 million yuan, this round of financing of Jingdong financial transactions after the valuation of 46 billion 650 million yuan. This round of financing was completed in March 1, 2016. read more

[marketing] 100 years of evolutionary history of dry cargo