WeChat public number how to rise hundreds of fans

as WeChat operation for us, we want to increase our own fans don’t just rely on external promotion, in fact we have an important way, this way for our new number effect is not much, but the amount of thousands of fans for you, then the impact will be great in this way, WeChat is our content. We know that there are many ways to find content, but many of us are looking for ways to compare the content of a single. The way I look for content is limited.

we say all marketing can not be separated from the content, WeChat public number is also true. Before I wrote the content is how to find our material and material importance, so I’m going to talk about how to find the explosion today, to day up hundreds of fans, here involves how we find the group burst, and we need to choose those things which the explosion, which can achieve high content the purpose of the forward. In fact, we want to achieve up to hundreds of thousands of words, we need is to share high forwarding, the only way to expand the exposure rate. read more

Copywriting, advertising, marketing, and so on a few things well-known advertising Ma Song 5 topics

first issue: about CMO and CEO

1, you have been a topic of debate in CMO and CEO, qualified CMO you should have what qualities and skills? How to be a good CMO


I participated in the two days before such a meeting, which is related to management, but not so much relationship with marketing.

I think a CMO is at least a partner level, not a marketing director or marketing manager. Not only to do promotion, dissemination and other things, he should be a senior manager to see the company’s perspective. Then the company is all his affairs, including the production of what products, how to meet the consumers, then what channels, what is my plan this year, the company’s strategy, he actually should be involved. read more

The new public, how not to spend a penny, plus more than and 200 precision powder

09 years I just contact network promotion, had heard of Taobao, also go a little understanding, if at that time if they work hard to understand the Taobao off that piece, may also earn a lot of money, I still can not contact, though, because there is no clue later to give up! The second year is the end of 2010, when Taobao is hot off a lot of friends are in the Taobao customer commission, I also look jealous, then began to study Taobao customers, toss a lot, spent a lot of time, and finally give up! Because after a period of time, found that pay with the harvest is not proportional, but many people do, do Taobao customers but also because of this, so many people give up halfway. read more

To make a creative poster set a small goal, such as a bright spot

brand, is the most common form of posters, the same color of the poster is also the most difficult to do. A good creative posters, often give people a feeling of sympathy. The quality of a good poster depends on a variety of factors: creativity, brain holes, or design techniques. Today, by the UC recently released several groups of posters, analysis to enhance the poster force and creative skills.

brand communication mood, according to the scene to set

– offline airport edition

different scenarios, the style of the poster design should be consistent. Take the terminal poster, the design style is best to create a sense of travel. read more

A5 financing briefing Ling vein network, association, India, with biological pulse search shoot for

1 Ling network

investors: laterite venture fund collar vote, zijiangqiye with cast

investment amount: 50 million yuan

recently, Mai Ling network completed nearly 50 million yuan A round of financing, by the Shenzhen Venture Capital Group and its laterite venture fund led A shares, packaging and printing industry leading companies with investment zijiangqiye.




investment amount: one million yuan

recently learned, Gaga millions of angel round of financing, by individual investment. Learn APP Gaga is the education and training institutions of a connected area, designed for 0-15 years old children and their parents to provide agency information screening appointments, and parental communication course group purchase 020 e-commerce platform. read more

Talk about my views on enterprise website marketing (two)

I have said that for the enterprise website to promote the marketing of hard technology, the optimization of the enterprise site to a certain extent, it is necessary to come out from the corporate website, to promote other platforms.

(a) to promote the relevant industry website platform

promotion in the industry on the site more targeted audience is concerned, this industry is all users, potential customers in the industry website users are having professional knowledge of the product, in this website for marketing to get potential customers need to use professional knowledge to communicate with them, often participate in they discussed some practical, often published articles, through the accumulation of time, the brand image of the enterprise is deeply the user’s heart, the formation of brand effect. read more

On the publicity of local websites

how to do a good job of local websites, is related to the development of local web site, let us explore the following direction

1, QQ group promotion

I said here is the local website, QQ does a very good way, how do you say? 2 a webmaster in local QQ group to see today. All 2 of them are local forum webmaster, but their propaganda is completely different aspects of.

is a news reporter, and the other is a game player. In the group, I have never seen the game player about his site, today I just ask, who is standing in this group, he immediately run out, I can say is we in this. The group for 1 years, often chat, but not heard him say, he has a forum, and another station, he is a journalist, every day he can collect new material, and it is the original. He also adhere to the daily connections in the group (XX, today the XX, then took his forum connection), what happened to our city? I am unable to restrain the emotions up, also brought him a IP, they visited the forum that everyone should know about read more

The first letter of second-hand car crazy brainwashing advertising on brand marketing

marketing year after year, especially this year, more tricks. Excellent letter second-hand car ho throw 30 million seconds of advertising to 60, crazy brainwashing advertising not only brings a powerful visual impact, which is not a small mental shock. The phrase "on the last excellent letter of second-hand car" slogan was "impressive and easy to remember," or, or open loop repeat mode Bo "extraordinary" worth mentioning, have to say, in a lively discussion of the public in excellent letter second-hand car success. Liu Yuhan believes that the excellent letter to the development of second-hand car in the second-hand car market in the spring is approaching, the second-hand car brand marketing ringing salute, worth its successful brand marketing mode on the industry. read more

A million yuan Angel round to do shopping spree in the sea Amoy snack business

it is understood that the sea Amoy business snacks "shopping spree" has been completed ten million yuan level Angel round of financing this month, the joint injection by Mr. Wu Kezhong, chairman of the advantages of capital and other personal capital. Funds will be mainly used in team expansion, supply chain layout, and the cultivation of seed users.

cross-border electricity supplier development so far, the competition has been emphasized on diapers, milk and other goods goods gradually transferred to the explosion of the long tail of non-standard. The reason lies in the Red Sea, the majority of the head of the commodity has been the lack of sufficient profit margins; and clothing, snacks, pet supplies and other emerging categories in the supply chain and the price has greater room for negotiation. We say this "shopping spree", do is the vertical snacks category of sea Amoy business, but stressed that "Weihuo" ideas. read more