Concerned about the Spring Festival evening show will allow you to increase traffic

Taobao guest website promotion method of soft Wen promotion

recently Taobao passenger flooding, hot anomaly, there is a trend of everyone Taobao. This reminds me of the navigation station competition, in fact the meso, station and the navigation station are similar, the two are based on the oriented information classification station, the two are not the production of content, or the direct production of content, as long as to find a good store address, and my PID code division inside the website is complete, does not need to increase the number of long-term site content, every day after doing the promotion, check the chain. Because of its simplicity and peace of mind, leading to a large number of owners rush on like a swarm of hornets. read more

Network marketing experience method

for the network marketing, network marketing methods are too many, because the Internet in the form of the site in particular, what are the portals, forums, search engines, industry website, many. But many people only know these things, but I don’t know really should be how to use, the second is the different forms of their focus in what place, can play what role, this is now a lot of people do not know. Network marketing is imperative, today I will talk about some of the network marketing experience. read more

A wide range of promotion methods to maximize the effectiveness of the promotion

According to

website promotion this word can be said to be the webmaster every day in the mouth talking about a. Although the basic operation of every webmaster website promotion will, but the effect of the promotion effect factor is sometimes a little thousands on thousands of species, the promotion target users are not determined, a natural generalization of the effect will be greatly reduced. For the site promotion, in fact, is not a little bit of a cognitive webmaster, personal influence factor can be described as more and more ah. Today I talk about how to use the method to maximize the effect: read more

2014 how to layout the good horse first network marketing

with 2014 horse spring NianWei dispersed, people officially entered a new year’s Ten thousand steeds gallop. The year of the horse, led the way, a rich, immediately become a popular language. As the new year start, 2014 year enterprise network marketing how to plan? The author according to their years of network marketing experience, some views about the network marketing:

new year, the year of network marketing should also pay attention to a new demands of consumer psychology with the so-called innovative marketing strategies to cater to users changing. Bai Qiang network network marketing company that made the horse from the following aspects: read more

The multi functional integration of the community and micro-blog in the network

following the portal Sina launched micro-blog made a sensation, the country’s four major portals Sohu, NetEase and Tencent have also launched a micro-blog product, there are four legs of the state. Sohu CEO Zhang Zhaoyang has also said that micro-blog has become the standard must be done. On the one hand, in the case of micro-blog Sina, ranked top of the list of popular movie star Chen Yao has more than 1 million 600 thousand "fans", that is to say as long as Chen Yao issued a micro-blog blog will have about 1600000 people will see. Some people say "when you are more than 100 fans like micro-blog, you are like a magazine; more than 1000, you are a bulletin board; more than 10 thousand, you are like a magazine; more than 100 thousand, you are a metropolis." Micro-blog fans effect can be described as a million. read more

Short rental platform announced the completion of the $65 million pig financing will accelerate the

Tencent science and technology news November 2nd, accommodation sharing platform announced the completion of the pig C+ and D round of financing, totaling $65 million. Including the C+ round of financing capital today at the end of last year, and recently by the pleasure of capital and BAI (Bertelsmann Asia Investment Fund) lead investor, Morningside capital, capital today and jade capital with the cast of D round of financing.

piggy rent short 2012 officially launched, according to the disclosure of the data, the pig currently has more than 100 thousand sets of houses in the 301 National City, tens of millions of active users, the platform business volume is expected in 2016 an increase of 500%. read more

Personal webmaster novice webmaster can see under the wise remark of an experienced person .

in the station, spent two or three months, and now has a habit, every morning to open the computer, look at your site on the ADMIN5 to look at the news, the webmaster to talk about the experience, the forum site sale etc.. Today also published an article, my level is limited, the rookie level, look at my site all know, a LOGO image will not do, a webmaster sympathy for my friend, just as I do a little brother, oh, thank

said all of the above is the way, now, such as personal website, without detours, to talk about my own site, in September 07 registered corn (, the first time since the beginning of life should not do a website, website, just put a forum program, no words, no what just, very positive post every day, everywhere to get people, colleagues, friends, friends, come to post, when Baidu included soon, three days away, unlike now, do not adhere to a month, do not always feel good, and spent four hundred yuan to buy a set of dating procedures, is said to be the the forum, a week later, friends said the programmer can not integrate, have to give up four hundred yuan, poor dashuipiao, or playing like a forum, by the end of October, Baidu for a long time not included, what I was Do not know, do not know what Baidu update algorithm is not included, for the program, the Internet is good, what, what, and looking for a joke, Baidu has only included the home page, it is a problem of this program, I completely abandoned. The beginning of a first, buy a station in ADMIN5, it is a layman, the money to the corn, up to now there is no transfer to me. Through six months to do stand, summarized as follows: read more

Jiang Min a successful case analysis of micro-blog

on the micro-blog marketing article, see every day in micro-blog’s activities is also very much, some so-called experts more, so Jiang Min will not repeat some theoretical things, write their own understanding of the direct analysis of micro-blog planning activities and some successful cases.

micro-blog activities in the form of a lot, but nothing more than to achieve three purposes: 1, to increase the audience (fans), 2, to promote brand awareness, and to improve the transmission rate of 3 to guide consumption. Because they want to achieve the purpose of different, so for these three activities planning is not the same, but can not put these three purposes on the same activities at the same time, otherwise it will seriously affect the quality of the broadcast. As to how to improve the quality of micro-blog activities, you can learn from some good examples of activities. read more

Zoupian Jian Feng, create search engine marketing invincible reputation

for relying on Baidu to promote the electricity supplier companies, the flow problem has been resolved. However, unlike the Taobao platform, there are third party regulation, product reputation is easy to build. Product reputation and flow conversion, has been doing a hurdle cross Baidu platform business enterprise.

as a result of their own is also a platform to do Baidu product operations, reputation building and traffic conversion problems, has been plagued by the author of a problem. So I almost no longer thinking, hoping to find a way to solve this problem. However, hard work pays off, as the time to do online marketing more and more long, I finally found a set of invincible word of mouth marketing ideas, simple to share with you. read more

The industry needs new rules, reasonable rules

website industry needs new rules, reasonable rules! National supervision of the Internet is not wrong, but some of the current rules, is really dumbfounding, this is the result of the laymen? The current non operating site audit record of several limited, not realistic, not rule in terms of scrutiny, the majority of these terms, the real information must be doomed to fraud by.

1, you must fill in the


now there are many people in this antique landline? Non business website for the many individuals are to do, is not it also forcing people to buy a ah, but had to invent a fake phone number or with relatives and friends to deal with. read more

Purchasing will die Electricity providers compete for hundreds of billions of overseas shopping mark

[Abstract] there are 24 home appliance enterprises in the customs to complete the record, the sale of overseas commodities such as food, cosmetics, maternal and child supplies, etc..

Tencent science and technology Hu Jun June 20th reported

Ms. Zhang, who lives in Beijing, is the mother of 2 year old

. And all the same, due to the poor level of English, many times before the purchase of imported food through the direct purchase platform to make her feel particularly inconvenient. At the beginning of June this year, she began to direct in COFCO’s I buy online buy British imports for his son Organix (Ou Geni) and other food puree. read more

The second week of December, the world’s fastest growing business network ranked fifth Top15 domain

IDC Chinese review network December 17th reported: according to the latest statistics agency released data show that as of December 10, 2012, the fastest growth in the global domain name registrar Top15 finalists, China accounted for only three seats.


China nets (HICHINA) ranked fifth, 827 new domain name. Yovole networks (YOVOLE.COM) increased 403, ranking seventh; Western Digital (WEST263.COM) increased 116, ranking ninth.

compared with last week, a decrease of seats. Love tennis had to withdraw from the top fifteen list. And then China nets continue to lead the domestic domain name domain name market, growth rate ranks fifth in the world, the chain fell two ranking last week. Yovole networks also fell two ranking, fell from fifth to seventh; the Western Digital rose to a ranking of tenth to ninth. read more

2015 BAT three giant inventory Alibaba Empire

2015 China Internet venture capital inventory, with data and ideas, to share with you in 2015 the domestic Internet venture, investment, large companies, listed, failure and other comprehensive information.

BAT three giant strategy, IT is very concerned about the worth of oranges, and the global Internet practitioners Chinese attention, because of their "Internet empire" has formed, both in their own business, investment or acquisition, or globalization strategy, the three companies involved in almost all of the Internet or Internet plus the field, continue to extend the business territory and the territory, it is no exaggeration to say that BAT has bought most of the Internet Chinese. The next IT oranges will be divided into three articles were part of the 2015 annual inventory of large companies to concentrate on. Today is mainly to bring the Empire of Alibaba. read more

The storm mirror adjustment strategy after the layoffs next year VR preferred mobile platform

in late October, the media reported layoffs storm mirror. In early November, the storm mirror CEO Huang Xiaojie issued an open letter that by splitting and layoffs, the storm mirror had more than 500 people in the team, there are 300 people in the future will focus on software and hardware platform of the core.

VR experience

cuts about two months after the storm mirror adjusting the direction has been able to see some clues, it changes the former VR glasses product strategy, launched a machine for mobile terminal. In this regard, the group CEO Feng Xin recently predicted that the next two years, VR will fully enter the mobile giant, will become a hot machine. read more

P2P private lending Alibaba model to seek the ice breaking method

November 11, 2011, under the "concept of marketing singles, Taobao has created a myth that shocked the world in online shopping, single day sales exceeded 5 billion 200 million. This makes this shop has been deeply rooted in the Red Sea Hunan Miss Qu re recognized that the shop still has the opportunity, and determined to work as usual, part time entrepreneurship.


, like all young entrepreneurs, is stuck with the start-up funds. The online shop although the cost is not high, do not need too much logistics cost, but still need a certain amount of loaning money to buy goods, which is a problem of entering the workplace, Miss Qu. read more

2012 China Mobile Internet scale increased by 96.4% year on year 54 billion 970 million

news January 25th, iResearch analyst Wang Ying recently released analysis report, 2012 China Mobile Internet market size of 54 billion 970 million yuan, an increase of 96.4%, affected by the rapid growth of intelligent terminals and mobile Internet users, mobile Internet market scale is rapid growth. Among them, mobile shopping and mobile marketing and other segments of the industry have been substantial growth, the rapid growth of the mobile Internet segments.

2012 China smartphone ownership of 360 million read more

Interview with Baidu Zhang Yaqin accelerate the internationalization of the vertical field to do dee

[Abstract] over the past 1 years, Baidu to accelerate the layout of the international market, have invested in taxi software Uber, Brazil buy site Peixe Urbano and Japanese native advertising company popln.

Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on September 16th


joined Baidu, Zhang Yaqin (micro-blog) has been responsible for the company "pioneering" mission. As president of the company, Zhang Yaqin is responsible for the emerging business group is one of Baidu’s three business groups, its medical, financial and other vertical areas are likely to re Baidu. read more

Technology pioneer electricity merchants how eyeball payment

business development, business leaders started obsessions, they speak English, talk about feelings, movies, from time to time be splashed on a chicken soup, but had to admit, China business people really made some achievements, in fact, backed by the world’s largest consumer market, can not think of results are more difficult, besides, China business never stop efforts, perhaps, they have been selling fake goods, also rely on "praise division to survive, but prosperity with customers, sales of electrical stability, merchants began slowly washes away the stain, rapid growth in product quality, logistics efficiency as the core, and even began to try some of the latest technology, and made great breakthrough. To electricity traders perennial, quietly changed the Chinese consumer shopping habits, in today’s Chinese, electronic shopping is no longer fashionable people, but more and more people have physical stores to be different, they are either natural or pure wood louse, is focusing on the quality of life of nouveau riche! read more

The world’s largest hacker attack affair website Mistress published information

surging news reporter Fang Xiao

according to foreign media reports, days before the online affair website was hacked, stolen a large number of user data and information of the company responsible for the events of the hacking team said the move is not to expose the commitments made when the website promotion. triggered a huge moral controversy has also made it tough in many countries. was founded in 2002, is a married person with friends, dating service website, advocating the "life is short, the town" (Life is short. Have an affair). Founder of the company claims that its ultimate mission is "to promote the perfect affair". The site currently has 37 million members worldwide last year, the rapid expansion of its foray into East Asia, for example, in June last year in Japan, August in Hongkong China, November Taiwan China landing. However, the huge moral controversy triggered by the site in many countries have been severely resisted. read more