The development strategy of social e-commerce to build a vertical professional service community

an interesting phenomenon, some sell 3C goods stores, because more and more difficult to store the burden of rent increases every year, so more and more concentrated to the phenomenon, this phenomenon has spread over the years, and some engaged in B2C business, recently faced portal advertising media advertising show up the price pressure also began to face more and more input-output disproportionate dilemma.


entity with virtual are facing the same situation, the flow of people is the key point in which they grow, and to the flow of people has cost more and more is also high, this has become a disguised barriers to entry, resulting in no sufficient funds preferred to face the pressure of survival, the burn will also eat slowly disappear, after all, the short-term can bring scale as a stage of KPI, but the long term is to return to the fundamentals, especially once listed, facing greater performance pressure challenges, not always doing business at a loss, the performance of the stock price is a big challenge. read more

Several methods to solve personal website promotion

with the rapid development of the Internet era, personal webmaster website promotion more and more difficult now many people do not know how to become a network push hands

1, soft Wen promotion. Soft Wen promotion is the promotion of the network magic hands, but also the essence and core of soft advertising. Today, hard advertising has been gradually accepted by people in recent years, soft advertising and event hype burst out of the power to make you wonder. One event to build out a brand shops and let people know the truth: now, do not want to first sell what, but to how to make a good first super brand, psychological each have a hand is how to combine the background concepts for a successful speculation, including news portal and forum speculation speculation, the second is what kind of industry for what kind of marketing, what kind of soft creation and consumer psychology can achieve a good advertising effect. read more

The content of Entrepreneurship the westward movement has ended welcome to modern times

content entrepreneurship came to modern times

The concept of "

Chinese Internet into the second half" is from the media, between cannot do without a vested interest is the tacit understanding that this relationship is not echoed each other, in order to illustrate there lies the composition, on the contrary, they may be used in a harmful way to the lowest, discouraging those still emerging challenger overweeningly ambitious.

over the past few years, there are often a sound criticism of so-called "phenomenal application" until even the flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, 2016 flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum don’t exist in the past, people only remember that not reliable but imagination surprise that burst time, subversion has to be quixotic and tragic, but also definitely not like now is the habitual liar label affixed. read more

Mou Changqing the first Witkey website publishing task harvest experience

ZZDH Adsense navigation set up more than 2 months, there has been no exclusive site in the LOGO icon. Every time my partner let me provide web site LOGO, I was free to make LOGO site, just get a. Especially this year around the stationmaster Congress more and more, is also very fortunate to be many webmaster general assembly support media, but there has been no unified image of LOGO, has great influence on the ZZDH webmaster navigation brand promotion.

For example,

before the "Anhui Internet webmaster General Assembly alliance" and "Shanghai 2009 small site Cultural Festival" and the recent upcoming January 10th "Chongqing website alliance 2008 Annual Conference" ZZDH webmaster navigation is the support media or guest Co, have the honor to and laggards, Chinaz, stationmaster net and other well-known webmaster site in a column. But because LOGO is not uniform, although marked by ZZDH in multiple activities page webmaster conferences and activities at the scene of the LOGO, but because LOGO are constantly changing, may leave the impression to the webmaster friends, like to see certain "webmaster navigation" but because of a change in LOGO and change, do not remember whether it is the same site. The following figure, in which the two general meeting of the different LOGO. read more

Five important methods of network promotion


site is every day a geometric growth rate with the entire Internet portal, personal station, station, station enterprises like the stars of heaven, beyond count, so there is a philosopher who said, in fact, every star in the sky correspond to each site on the Internet, so how to make your site become Sirius, become the Rev. Star light shining? It needs to promote. At present, the Internet can well run website can only account for about five percent, why so many websites as many small stars? That is the promotion method is not well, let website traffic is always at a low level, a lot of people do not know the search engine with the power of how big, if able to occupy the search the engine of the top few words, then your website traffic natural can get great improvement, here we have to promote related methods to introduce read more

Content social promotion and communication routines

is often tied to the flow of a few verbs is cited, suck, guide, which means that the flow of people hanging in front of a piece of saliva DC meat".

"meat" is a variety of benefits, the reason why the stranger with you to establish some kind of contact to become your powder, people are looking to get more benefits from you.


drainage consists in designing proper benefits (value), and as widely as possible to let people know that you have a good.

benefits (value) of the carrier can be invisible service, can also be a real commodity, can also be a combination of intangible and physical. However, the value of your point of the letter of introduction in the current form of communication in cyberspace is nothing more than articles, audio and video three media. read more

A5 investment and financing briefing Tour dragon network, buy material network, Mars culture to get

1 160

Investment: Shenzhen Kai Fu Jarun investment management partnership, Huzhou Asia investment partnership, Shenzhen Jiacheng Fortis fund management partnership

investment amount: 56 million 500 thousand yuan

‘s leading internet medical service platform medical 160 announced that in November 18th to complete the C1 round of about $56 million 500 thousand increase, valuation of $1 billion 500 million. This round of financing by the Shenzhen City Kai Fu Jarun investment management partnership, Huzhou Asia investment partnership, Shenzhen Jiacheng Fortis fund management partnership jointly completed, the funds have been put in place. read more

NetEase Ding Lei entrepreneurship can not because of the fast and put himself to death!

Abstract: for a new company, innovation but may put myself down. The risk of innovation is big? First, innovation requires a lot of money; second, innovative things need to have a gradual acceptance of the process of the user; finally, the company also needs to overcome many technical difficulties.

in the work, do not know if you have noticed a phenomenon: some leaders often put "innovation" and "fast". These words… Guazaizuibian, sounds of these words is very great glorious and correct. In the past, the vote also think that these words, even if not necessarily in every company can play a role, but often mention the company is always good. read more

Discussion on the marketing boundary of social media from the case of Changchun car theft

previous total enterprise asked me those advertising and PR agency can use 100 kinds of strategies and cases in terms of how micro-blog has value, they can make use of micro-blog how far-reaching spread in the proposal, but never told him that micro-blog could not be what to do, or what are taboo.


— or any kind of media forms, have a nature of "double-edged sword", even the TV TV structure is more simple one-way communication media, have been violated because advertising be too numerous to enumerate the audience psychological influence brand and product image of the case. Just, "micro-blog marketing" for three years in the Chinese market but who never blossom everywhere, real to tell companies, through the micro-blog marketing activities, in addition to the favorable factors, what are the boundary of the principles should be like that around twenty-second military regulations about race even as companies move out at any time around. read more

Digital marketing can not ignore the 7 step digital wave will sweep the globe

[introduction] "mobile terminal", "the social network", "e-commerce", "O2O", continued hot, digital wave big data is sweeping the globe, more users put time in mobile media. About digital marketing, here we recommend 7 steps to promote the development of marketing.

a. Web design beautiful

web page is through the visual elements and the realization of information content. 94% of users attributed their refusal to visit a web site as a result of bad Web design. In fact, a good web site, in addition to all kinds of information in the most efficient and convenient way to convey to the audience, but also pay attention to the overall appearance of web design, with clear and good integrity of the page, make people browsing a happy mood. read more

The only way out for the development of Mao Zedong’s campaign war

warfare is the main military strategic guidance of Mao Zedong Jiang Jieshi out of the encirclement, but also our individual owners out of the encirclement strategy of some network chiefs.

what "war of movement": mobile warfare is a military combat mode, relying on the larger operational space for time mobile troops surrounded by the enemy, to force a quick fix, use of mobile warfare to the words "to avoid the enemy force, depth, concentrate superior forces, crush one by one". read more

Industry Web site is the way out

introduction: construction industry website idea long-standing, is also optimistic about the development trend of the industry Web site, you want to go to the regular development of a planning industry website transition from the dumpster.

a, industry choice:

look at the major industries, almost all major industries have been the monopoly of the site: cement, chemical, steel and so on, our only way out is to find more market segments. Because one of my relatives in the building materials industry fought for many years, so I have to use Baidu Search building materials industry know, but building networks all over the country, large and small building materials and building materials are so numerous, general industry, requires a lot of manpower to gather material to understand the characteristics of various categories, is not suitable for our start-up website. So, through more than half a month of market research, we chose to do the door and window industry website, the main reasons are as follows: read more

A boutique post actually can last several years to make money

a few days ago, in a group, it was said that the forum promotion.

now do a lot of BBS promotion, many of them are using way wide net, and with the help of software, several group of friends lamented this promotion model suffer by frequent delete, or suffer from a large amount of work has weak effect.

then there is a group of friends said, now only do fine is the way out."

group of friends gave an example, a hot topic of a lottery on the forum, I see the links posted in April this year. Up to now, there are 320 thousand reading volume, the number of top ten thousand. read more

Yang who is to save the Witkey

Chinese original Internet model is only two, is a Alibaba of Ma Yun electronic commerce, is a Witkey concept proposed by Liu Feng in July 2005.

end view of 2007, Ma Yun’s Alibaba listed, which is gratifying. Alibaba to promote the global e-commerce market, and become the object of imitation. But Witkey in 2007 but in trouble, no great breakthrough and development.

today, the Alibaba to do a chat show, the dialogue is very wonderful, Witkey rookie, the speaker is Witkey website practitioners, he made bold extension Witkey mode of electronic commerce, and from this model of electronic intelligence service. There is no reason not to mention, but for Witkey industry, it is a big breakthrough and innovation. read more

Social media marketing book analysis of 19 directions of network marketing (1)

today, the Internet is everywhere, especially with the Chinese opens 3G era, website, has almost entered thousands of households, each may have their own blog or website, and to have a foot in the vastness of the internet station, do you know how to do? (original by Wu Jinzhi


social media marketing treasure from 20 directions of Internet content network marketing tool you analysis.

1 social networking site SNS marketing.

The most famous is

, happy net, a registered account on these sites and appropriate activities can bring unlimited traffic and popularity, social media marketing book of the world’s top 20 social networking site SNS, shortcut for your SNS popular marketing guide. read more

Network marketing jinyikuangwu

recently saw a lot of network marketing experts to the positioning of network marketing, the network marketing in the end what can bring to us what kind of benefits? Jianye think network marketing and business and our life is closely related to the traditional marketing before most of them are in print and on TV reports bring us information the popularity of the Internet, the traditional marketing can not meet our needs with Jianye? That will one day will replace the traditional marketing network marketing, there are now many companies have seen the importance of network marketing, China’s net is still substantial growth, and now the network has spread to our life, a the most simple example before we go to primary school mainly rely on television and newspapers to get information, we want to further understand the information by now Television and newspapers have been unable to meet our needs! read more

Experience sharing how to make use of QQ space marketing

QQ as China’s largest chat tool, QQ space also attracted a large number of users, then as marketers we have to seize this piece of cake, someone’s place, there are marketing. How to make the QQ space into a suitable marketing tool? Here are the author to give you a step-by-step solution:

the first step to modify the spatial data.

QQ space in the upper right corner of the settings, modify the information, modify the selected on the left of spatial data, spatial name is the name of the enterprise or related keywords, in the space that fill in the URL and contact, then save the set up, the first step in setting space information has been completed. read more

On the promotion of new station operation three months

Hello everyone, I have done this station has been 3 months, today to talk about my promotion methods, share with you webmaster.

first introduced my station: my station is a DZ forum, Marx film CMS and a home page I do myself. The main work of the day is to put a good post in the Forum on the home page, introduce some good movies.

Don’t just start doing well when members of the

forum, let alone find a good post, so that I own registered members, every registered ten, twenty, then you go to the major forum for some posted on my website, and then put these posts to my home. I use this method for more than a month, so very tired of traffic is still unsatisfactory, then I began to think of a way can’t do this anymore. read more

Seeking quality not quantity the accumulation of WeChat fans do not blindly too much

WeChat marketing are in the early accumulation of fans, but now the cost of the accumulation of fans is getting higher and higher, the reason may be WeChat marketing has spread. Led to a lot of WeChat users are very disgusted with the marketing, will not be easy to pay attention to WeChat public account, unless it is able to get some benefits or concessions. WeChat marketing costs increased, the blind pursuit of the number of fans, and fans do not value the quality that will allow WeChat to become the marketing The loss outweighs the gain. Enterprises invested tens of thousands of dollars to do WeChat marketing, the result is only a harvest of zombie powder, such promotion is meaningless. read more

Meng Meng marketing

I go out in a few days ago, boring, walked into a KFC restaurant, on the way to the Internet and others, at the point of the meal there, when I was ready to grab a cup of coffee and French fries, found in the table covered with a leaflet on the surface of the picture is a very adorable cute kitten doll. Because the author is a cat person, so he ordered the package to send doll…… After I returned home later, through the Baidu search after the discovery, this is the original KFC launched a "small strange cat" meow "package". read more