The domain name speculators business occupation

From $7 million 500 thousand to $14 million, domain name trading in just a few years has created a flourishes myth. In the beautiful story of the ring, many people have the domain name investment profits, money will be able to sit at home feeling.

in a hotel near China World Trade Center, a minor celebrity in the circle of the domain name investors Tian Peng told the "Financial Times" interview. Into the industry has more than four years and invested thousands of various domain names Tian Peng not only thinking agile, hobbies are quite extensive. "In my opinion, the domain name investment is a gold mine, and the key to mine the gold mine is to have a vision, creative, and have a keen sense of things around." Tian Peng said.

"domain name investment is one of the most basic principles, that is, the domain name as short as possible. Too long if the domain name is not good to the extreme, it is difficult to get the favor of buyers." Tian Peng told reporters. He believes that the simple combination of numbers and letters not only easy to remember, and the input is convenient, not easy to make mistakes, and buyers for this type of domain name is often in droves.

According to the statistics of the

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1 shop member information leakage information security risks into electricity supplier

Xinhua News Agency

– Nanfang Daily reporter Tian Zhiming

with the electricity supplier double 11 promotion war coming, electricity supplier network information security issues once again become a hot topic of consumer concern. The day before, the field of electronic commerce also spate of information security incidents, the online consumer disputes. How to strengthen the supervision of network information security has become an urgent problem to be solved.

day before the famous give 1 shop out of personal user information was leaked, Jingdong mall also appeared in a large number of "malicious order", or controversial among consumers. Many experts have pointed out in an interview with this reporter, for personal information security and network information security incidents, the supervision level corresponding laws and regulations are lack, low cost of infringement of consumer rights, the cost is too high. Therefore, as soon as possible to improve the relevant laws and regulations, establish and improve the electricity supplier consumption order, in order to further promote the development of electricity business. read more

Comparative analysis of the two development models of online travel platform

According to iResearch

will be released in the first quarter of 2010 China online travel booking market data, 2010Q1 China online travel booking market revenue reached 1 billion 190 million yuan, Ctrip still maintained a monopoly, the market share of 55.6%.

this article will be based on the travel network and Ctrip online booking travel products development, comparative analysis.

Business scope:

1 vs Comparison of tourism resort ticket + Hotel + Travel + holiday travel

is currently a large number of online travel booking company, are related to air tickets and hotel reservations, and these two businesses occupy a large proportion of its revenue. For example, the total revenue of Ctrip first quarter of 2010 was 627 million yuan, which comes from the hotel business revenue was 252 million yuan, accounting for 41.19%, ticket booking business revenue of 265 million yuan, accounting for 42.26% of the company, the tourism business revenue of 26 million yuan, accounting for 4.15%. Ctrip revenue from the hotel and ticket booking business accounted for 83.35% of total revenue. Double pressure and development of the two business channels and competition by the online agents air tickets and hotel Commission downward pressure increase; in addition, business homogenization phenomenon is serious, the future of the industry competition will become more intense. read more

PEAK electricity supplier does not go low price strategy to achieve profitability goals

recently, PEAK electricity supplier pricing strategy has been exposed, the online pricing to 10% higher than the line pricing. Wang Jianyuan, director of e-commerce at the first session of the conference on cross-border cooperation, said in 2013, PEAK e-commerce major assessment indicators for net profit. And hope that through 2013 to strive to net profit increased to about 8%.

, that is to say, PEAK’s involved in electronic commerce is not to hold the mentality to burn enclosure, but directly towards profitability. Wang Jianyuan also said that the beginning of the PEAK electricity supplier in the pursuit of profit, loss of things never do. read more

Home appliance chain double 11 high-profile counterattack electricity supplier Gome Suning started a

is now the "double 11" for "easy" young people, has become an important node of online consumption, but it is not the exclusive game business. Online business amid fierce infighting, Suning and Gome with double advantage high-profile started strikes back, and the next line store either super or shopping center, also changed the strategy before or sit on the sidelines side shouting, "after all, the best defense is to attack and counter attack" have Xianshengduoren "double 11". In order to boost consumption line. read more

IPO documents show Jingdong financing and development history

Jingdong originated in January 2004, Liu Qiangdong established an online retail site, since 2011, the company has experienced several shareholders from several financing.

2011, Jingdong issued 6 billion 237 million yuan through the issuance of ordinary shares. Which in April 2011, DST Global to about $200 million price of the acquisition of 39 million 821 thousand and 655 shares.

2012, Jingdong through the issuance of common shares, short-term bank loans and exercise warrants 2 billion 854 million yuan. read more

Taobao the day the sleeping beauty wakes up

in Pennsylvania in the United States of Pittsburgh, only a seventeen year old beautiful live version of the mermaid, the girl every day nearly 20 hours in the sleep, this often lasts for a month, the longest time even up to 64 days. It made her miss many good moments in her life.

in fact, many of our lives, although we wake up, but our thoughts are out of sleep, can not see the opportunity in their own side, can not grasp the good opportunity. Like some of the fledgling Taobao off, do not know how to promote their own, do not know how to better promote the product, do not know what kind of products should be promoted. read more

Share my hard journey and harvest for Taobao

The development and influence of the

Internet, a large number of real driving online entrepreneurs, whether it is Taobao or retail, online mall, advertising or other, are applied to the Internet has great relevance, so a lot of people really are online and a Wangzhuan industry, today to share with you my Taobao customer experience


actually I do Taobao off time is not long, but from which I really learn a lot of things, whether it is on the network’s understanding and operation, and development have a great impact! I do Taobao off is found with one of my colleagues have had the opportunity to chat, Yu Shima started read more

Invest 30 thousand to do e-commerce to earn ten million

we are living in a society with advanced technology, electronic commerce is gradually moving closer to us, and it brings us great convenience and opportunity. Who do not want to add color to their lives, who do not want to have a good life. As humans need a more easy way to make money, e-commerce is often all over the world.

today, inadvertently, let me find a piece of news on the Internet, the main content of this news is about a beauty after graduating from junior high school, in order to start to borrow 30 thousand dollars this year, to make a million. The online data on her numerous, for me, I did not see in the news, I really do not know who is Sun Yanyan? Just listening to friends mentioned, always think she is an entrepreneurial road a businesswoman for a long time. Today I know that she is only a girl of 24 years old, a 80 entrepreneurs, her hard work, she now e-commerce through this platform, let the little fluorescence stick into the CCTV "the same song". read more

WeChat officials individual purchasing new difficult to enjoy the consumer protection law protection

Legal Evening News (reporter Zhang Xin) the new "consumer protection law" the implementation of the full year, this morning, the Secretary of State Administration for Industry and consumer protection Yang Hongcan and China Consumers Association Secretary General Chang Yu network interviews on, the new "law" the implementation of various circumstances arise, an online exchange with netizens.

in the interview, Yang Hongcan said that the current rise of the individual purchasing WeChat, according to the new "law" provisions to protect the rights and interests of consumers. Chang Yu and remind consumers, online shopping regret right is no reason, if the goods have quality problems, can require businesses for three packs in the warranty period, do not be one concept. read more

E-commerce sites grow rapidly who will be the future overlord

Now the

electronic commerce website is more and more fire, B2B, B2C, C2C and so on, B2B is actually a kind of business to business model, free distribution network is a kind of rabbit model, which is the business release supply-demand information, some other businesses to buy. The B2C is also the most common, B2C is actually a business to customers a sales model, and the most typical even Dangdang and Jingdong mall. C2C is the customer to customer sales model, the most typical is Taobao and have these online shopping platform. read more