What is the management of tea shop tips

milk tea shop is now a lot of friends like to relax the place, now there are a lot of tea shop on the market. If you want to open a milk tea shop, the management needs to pay attention to what skills? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

a, diversified products to attract more customers

how to manage milk tea shop? A lot of tea shop inside the operating species is very simple, in addition to milk tea juice, there is nothing else to buy varieties. Of course, they will tell you, I have a lot of varieties, strawberry milk tea, pineapple milk tea, chocolate milk tea. No less than 20 kinds of taste, written on the full price of the table. To know that there are always some people do not choose to drink milk tea, how to grasp the needs of this part of the consumer, such as a man and a girlfriend two people go shopping, the girl to drink pearl milk tea and boys do not drink. At this time, how do we grasp this part of the consumer groups. Develop new products for them. This can meet the needs of two people at the same time. read more

The overall quality of the women’s organizations at the basic level in the North District of Xining

in order to further strengthen the construction of grass-roots organizations of women’s Federation, Chengbei District of Xining city in accordance with the "construction of a good team, a good team, a good atmosphere, a good mechanism, a good number of base or entity", organization of towns, street Federation grass-roots women’s organizations and carry out renovation work, young women cadres talent shows itself a large number of high quality culture, a good mass base, strong working ability and rich experience. read more

The longest tunnel on the highway of the Min Min highway — the White Horse Temple tunnel

in May 15th, the Ministry of transportation as the "six plan" traffic construction concentrated poverty mountain area and destitute "city east of Qinghai province transportation development plan" in the network level major project, and to the people of Xiao Xia Road (hereinafter referred to as the people of small road) twin tunnel through the white horse temple.

the small starting point is located in Gansu province highway Honggu District Xinzhuang north end point in Xiakou connected with Xining City Bayi Road Interchange, the route length of 118.81 km, which belongs to a standard of highway. Highway tunnel with 16 seat, 2 seat bridge, bridge 23, 17 seat, 31 seat bridge bridge etc.. Highway construction started in January 2014, is expected to be completed in September this year. read more

Retired cadres held in Xining, double first recognition of the general assembly Wang Xiao attended a

May 29th, Xining retired cadres advanced collectives and individuals in recognition of the General Assembly held at the Victory Hotel. Provincial Standing Committee, Xining party secretary Wang Xiao attended and spoke.

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Taining Community Cultural Festival opened the first of the residents have their own talent stage

gorgeous stage lights, fashion street flags, neat lineup, May 26th, Bayi Road office in Xining City, the eastern area of Taining’s first community cultural festival opened in Taining garden, hundreds of residents from the area to watch the opening ceremony of the wonderful performance. Many residents said it was a pleasure to see such a good performance at the gate.

morning team, dance team, Guozhuang team of three training team performed a wonderful performance in the opening ceremony. Li Defang, head of the three teams, said the establishment of the community dance team has been for over 5 years, which also participated in a lot of big and small performances, but the first time to participate in Community Cultural Arts festival. "At the door to show talent, very excited and very excited, thanks to the community to provide us with such a stage." read more

Xining will carry out urban drainage network reconstruction project

Urban waterlogging not only brings inconvenience to the public travel, but also eager to solve the problem of relevant departments. The day before, Xining city drainage company "on the review of Xining city drainage pipe network renovation project (key waterlogging area design change) preliminary report", the Provincial Department of housing and urban construction project has organized relevant experts on the preliminary design review, agreed to modify the.

it is reported that the transformation of the two main street, Jia Xiaoyi, Xiang, comity Road, Huangshui River north of your 51 plot, Saline Lake Road, Shi Po Street, Temple Street and water points Hongjue cross water points, gardener road of Dongchuan Development Zone, No. 25 Road, Dongchuan Development Zone No. W Road, and Zhuang Road, Tsinghua Road, Rui Yuan Road, two strokes Road, liberation lane, Beichuan River, three or four Binhe Road car factory planning road, mining district planning road, lane, lane, building a new health forest road.The two read more

Snow no snow in the next three days in order to clear the main Xining

In December 7th, Xining sun ushered in the twenty-first solar term twenty-four solar term in the snow. It’s coming, means the beginning of winter season. Reporters learned from the Qinghai Provincial Meteorological Observatory, the next three days, the snow will not bring cooling snow, the weather in most parts of the province is relatively stable, mainly sunny or cloudy weather.

the Nutrition Department of Xining First People’s Hospital doctor Zou Jiayong suggested that the winter tonic does not need a lot of food and medicine, reasonable diet, regular exercise, replenish moisture, vitamins and roughage are key. Especially in the northern city, indoor outdoor cold dry, hot dry, in addition to members of the public can often drink porridge soup, heat and dryness, can also increase the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables, or add some vitamin C and vitamin D.  
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Xining City West District big voice chorus famous Taiwan

reporter from the West District of Xining city learned recently, held in Taiwan city in Kaohsiung Province, the cross-strait cultural exchanges chorus competition, West District Cultural Center "big sound chorus" the local characteristics of Qinghai "" flowers "chorus" won the applause of the audience, the chorus won the gold medal, outstanding directing Award and outstanding organization award.

West District Cultural Center "Great Music Choir" is a grassroots art group, founded in August 2012, the group has more than 70 kinds of artistic talent. Joint efforts in the area west of the cultural sector and the strong support of the whole team, the group has from the amateur art groups into professional performance groups. read more

The second meeting of the leading group on the reform of the rural homestead system

May 6th, province of rural homestead system reform leading group held its second meeting in Xining, listen to the report on the progress of the pilot work, coordinate and solve the problem, study the deployment of the next step. Provincial Party committee, the provincial rural homestead reform leading group leader Wang Jianjun presided over the meeting and speech. He stressed that we should insist on "land public ownership does not change, do not break the interests of farmers of arable land, no damage of the bottom line of the premise, strengthen confidence, bold exploration, and comprehensively promote the rural homestead system reform. Provincial Standing Committee, executive vice governor, deputy head of the leading group Zhang Guangrong attended the meeting and delivered a speech. read more

Xining yesterday ushered in the horse the cold cold air will stay a few days

after entering the year of the horse, the highest temperature on the provincial capital was up to ten degrees Celsius, let the people of Xining have an illusion waved farewell to the winter. However, the strong cold air into, quickly pulled down the highest daily temperature in northern Qinghai. Yesterday, Xining ushered in the coldest day of the horse. Meteorological experts, the impact of cold air will continue for several days.

Qinghai meteorological station chief forecaster Wei Shuxia, yesterday, Xining City, the daily maximum temperature of minus 2.2 degrees Celsius, the minimum temperature of minus 8.5 degrees Celsius, the highest temperature is the lowest since the horse on the day. Xining, Haidong, the eastern coast of the sea, there are also traces of snow. Today, Xining gas temperature rebounded slightly, the highest daily temperature rose to 4 degrees Celsius, the daily minimum temperature of minus 14 degrees celsius. The next few days, although the temperature drop will not be too large, but affected by cold air, hot weather will be difficult to appear. read more

The new year new year new spring music taste

drove onto the home road, wondering this rural hometown taste must be very thick very new, because last year the implementation of the "military enterprises build a model village" has let the mountain ditch village, Minhe Hui and Tu Autonomous County Xi Gou Xiang Ma Di Gou Cun made a startling change.

when the car stopped at the side of the road, Sichuan, a sight that confirms our suspicions, the new face of a beautiful country show in front of the villagers: new activities Plaza, the villagers on the triangle color Xiang pulled the string flag, the new village farm gate profile plug small flag, hang up red lanterns, paste New Year couplets, everywhere is strong. read more

The provincial government signed the 13th Five-Year cooperation framework agreement with China Telec

8 8 July, the Qinghai provincial government and the China Telecom group company in Xining signed a cooperation framework agreement "in 13th Five-Year". Provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee, governor Hao Peng met with China Telecom group party secretary, Chairman Yang Jie and his party, and attended the signing ceremony, attended by the president of the people’s Republic of China and the Republic of China, Mr. Hao Peng and Mr. Yang Jie. read more

Xining Municipal Health Bureau of the third batch of health and epidemic prevention teams to carry o

is a long-term and orderly development of disaster epidemic prevention work, and effectively prevent the occurrence of major epidemic disaster occurred, the City Health Bureau organized by the director of bureau of law supervision department captain, CDC, health supervision departments as the backbone of the business members of the third batch of health and epidemic prevention team in May 16th for a journey to Yushu earthquake disaster epidemic prevention work. The work team a total of 12 people, harmless treatment work in Yushu will continue to pull the show and drop Xiu Xiang conduct disease surveillance, prevention and treatment of infectious diseases, food safety inspection, food hygiene, environmental health knowledge propaganda inspection, investigation, water quality monitoring and victims in temporary settlements, shops, school environment and waste disinfection heap, toilet, to ensure that no major epidemics after the disaster.

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The six session of the Xining Municipal People’s Congress held its second session of the general ass

February 4th morning, the fifteenth session of the Xining Municipal People’s Congress held its sixth session of the general assembly of the second. Listen to the work report of the Standing Committee of the fifteenth Xining Municipal People’s Congress and the work report of the Xining intermediate people’s court, the work report of the Xining Municipal People’s procuratorate.

executive chairman Wang Jianjun, Zou Jiansheng, Su Rong, Du Shupin, Song Chenxi, Zhang Qiguang, Wang Shumin, Ma Jianli, Li Xiaoge, Wu Tianxiao, Zhao Ningjun, Zhang Haiping, He Yongsheng on the rostrum. Executive Chairman Fan Guoqing presided over the meeting. read more

Provincial Safety Supervision Bureau pay close attention to open pit mine safety production

reporter from the province’s metal safety production of open-pit mine to observe the scene learned that in November, the provincial safety production supervision authority will conduct special rectification to do not have the conditions of production safety, safety production license expires does not apply for the continuation of the enterprises within the province, to further push forward the fighting rule violations and rectification close work, strengthen safety production of open-pit mine. read more

Yindajihuang west main canal project started

11 24 April yindajihuang xiganqu canal project construction ceremony held in Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County Castle Township, marking the yindajihuang project has opened a new page. Vice governor Yan Jinhai announced the start.

it is understood that the yindajihuang project is a large-scale comprehensive water conservancy project, the main task is to solve the urban life, ecology, industry, agriculture and animal husbandry in Huangshui River water problem area. The project mainly consists of "general, two libraries, three main component, namely water diversion canal, stone gorge reservoir, Heiquan reservoir phase, two north, North and west main canal. Estimated total investment of 14 billion 182 million yuan. read more

Xining to build the Internet plus characteristics of industrial system development of emerging indus

Until 2018 this year, Xining will seize the "Internet plus" opportunities, pay close attention to the development of application of tracking data, cloud computing, networking, network Crowdsourcing, Internet business model, and actively develop new industries and new formats.

in a period of three years a new round of the main market development plan to double, Xining city will be based on the new road to industrialization, on the basis of digitalization and intelligentization of the integration of information technology and manufacturing technology and manufacturing depth, and actively implement the intelligent digital network manufacturing, perfect manufacturing technology innovation system.
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Xining Municipal Economic Commission (SASAC) held fun games to celebrate International Labor Day

On the morning of April 26th, the Xining Municipal Economic Commission (SASAC) organized part of the enterprise workers and cadres to carry out the celebration of the May Day International Labor Day Games, the game is divided into two parts of the tug of war and climbing competition

4 26 in the morning, the Xining Municipal Economic Commission (SASAC) organization of the enterprise workers and cadres to carry out to celebrate 51 international labor day worker games, games are divided into two parts and climbing tug of war game. The 6 representatives of the enterprises and the economic and Trade Commission took part in the competition. read more

Xining into the forest fire prevention period from March 9th to April 20th to prohibit all forest fi

with the spring equinox, the solar term Qingming approaching, grave worship, outing and other life and farming fire surge, coupled with the recent hot, windy weather emerged, forest fire danger rating high. In March 12th, a reporter from the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau of forest fire prevention headquarters learned that Xining has entered the annual forest fire prevention period of martial law, during the period from March 9th to April 20th, all smoking, burning paper, blasting and other Yewaiyonghuo behavior will be banned in the forest zone. read more

With the characteristics of the color key to choose a large profit margins

we all know, the key in our life, is the most common, is also the most indispensable supplies. What about the color keys? With the key features, always very attractive to the eyes of consumers, but also the most market space for the development of the project choice!

color key?

color key from the market, it has been widely sought after. And in its infinite appeal, but also better upgrade the actual use of the key lock.

speaking of color key shape, it is said that without end, like a movie star, cartoon animation, Gemini, playful animal, flowers, animals, idols, lovers luminous everything, and can be divided according to use ordinary household keys, insurance, car keys, keys safe keys, motorcycle the key, the key to the bike. Consumers to buy a color key, then your keys are no longer the same, you find the key luminous products is a good helper. read more