bet O2O Taobao service

reporter Li Yinghuan from Beijing

is the short term group purchase after another typical O2O (Online To Offline) model, test the short rental market, for, of great significance.

"we want to be the Taobao of the service class." Ganji CEO Hao Yang Chung has clearly planned future business model. From the media to the offbeat business, turned


seize the short rental market segments

"if 100 yuan will be able to live in a sea view room in Sanya, 800 yuan can live in Hongkong Sanshiliangting garden room, will you choose?" has always been low-key, rarely interviewed Yang Haoyong in the face of an exclusive interview with the weekly Times reporter, some said excitedly. read more

By the thought of the TV shopping online

I don’t think what master, occasionally a little experience, he came here to express my.

to see when the total TV ads like this is really funny, what 998 yuan to buy a real drill watches, a little funny a little funny, but obviously fake. Why is he so successful? Before long into the Chinese TV shopping market, why is it hot up? The truth actually inside money may not be much, but I think the reason is so popular is: most of their products is the market and no publicity really drill, the price is very low. I want to buy this one is nothing more than a few kinds: 1 kind of stay, I really thought it was genuine, want to pick up a cheap; 2 knowing that fake deliberately buy to impersonate tycoon show off; 3 did not know the true and false, just buy a look at exactly what. read more

Taobao official subscription Su ningyun stock investment 28 billion 200 million yuan a year has Fuku

Tencent technology Wang Pan reported on June 2nd

Su Ningyun (002024.SZ) today announced formally to Taobao (Chinese) software ("Taobao") and Shun – Suning No. 2 (hereinafter referred to as "Shun") two subscription object issued about $29 billion 200 million worth of stock.

non-public offering of shares issue price of 15.17 yuan / share, the number of issued shares of 1926996505 shares, the total funds raised to $29232536980.85. Among them, Taobao to subscribe for 1861076927 shares, the subscription amount of 28 billion 232 million 537 thousand yuan; Shun to subscribe for 65919578 shares, the subscription amount of 1 billion yuan. read more

Flying cow mall enabled two domain name line

renamed China ( June 10th hearing, the trial operation after two months, yesterday, RT mart’s business flying cow network officially launched from the category of self platform – Mall flying cow mall, enable two domain


: Flying Cow network official website

at present, the flying cow network Darunfa mainly sells its own products, the flying cow appeared in the mall flying cow network home as a flying cow network sub sections, with the flying cow network share a APP. read more