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first_imgecogorillasMajestic Whale EncountersRwandasmall grouptrek Eco-travel company, Majestic Whale Encounters, has announced the launch of a Rwanda Gorilla trekking experience this November, diversifying the company’s wildlife experiences.Founder of Majestic Whale Encounters, Carmen Ellis, says, the company’s expansion into land based animal encounters is a logical step for the business for several reasons. “Our core goal is to educate and raise awareness of the animals that we interact with, and their plight.“Whilst the ocean and whales in particular are at the heart of the business, the need to further expand understanding of other animal populations that are at risk is driving us to diversify our offering. We are committed to educating travellers about the impact that we have on our environment, and the best way to do that is to bring people face to face with what it is we stand to lose. There is nothing quite like a face to face encounter with an incredible animal in their own habitat to really make people understand what is at stake. Nothing can prepare you for the emotion and exhilaration that you feel when you encounter a gorilla in the African jungle, and nothing can make you want to preserve them more.” The African adventure will focus on small group experiences, with just six people at a time able to take the trek through the Rwandan jungle for face-to-face encounters with gorillas in the wild. Unlike any other wildlife encounter, the Rwanda gorilla experience includes a jungle canopy walk, chimp trek, and two gorilla treks across a period of 7 days, taking in the Nyungwe Forest National Park and Volcanoes National Park. Guests will be accommodated at One & Only Nyungwe House and Bisate Lodge.Pricing for the all-inclusive trip (excluding international flights) starts from USD$12,495.To find out more, contact Majestic Whale Encounters on 02 4385 5454last_img

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