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Posted by admin - Jul-29-2017

1. self rational positioning and features

should be good at choosing topics that other people have never touched on, without being subject to keyword search and not being able to cater to the needs of Google users. What’s more, you need to change the angle of view, so you’ll find that even the most crowded areas have new horizons, for example, my first blog is about SEO 2. The author according to the website of and research practice analysis, and the SEO method of research, the following experience and share with you. Deficiency, please correct me.

2. uses WordPress to erect a site

Using a search engine friendly WordPress,

eliminates the hassle of considering page optimizations. WP not only can be used as Blog software, but also can be transformed into a small CMS suitable for most sites, and at the same time, XML Sitemaps is omitted.

3. design releases beautiful templates (CSS design)

traditional SEO is primarily concerned with building links and getting links, and sites that do SEO look awkward. Now, people will to you and your beautiful template links, and because of the CSS and web design standards, design an exquisite template is no longer difficult, especially for WP users. If you design a great template, your links may be all over the world.

4. adds the DoFollow plug-in to allow users to reference your article

blogs thrive on one another, and trackback is one of the best ways to connect, and WP users can implement this functionality by installing dofollow plug-ins.

5. uses reviews and links to enhance social

you can add user links and mention certain blogs or their authors in the article, as well as frequent reviews of these blogs.

6. adds social media application services

You can add some

like or Stumple Upon bookmark collection service such as Digg or Reddit, but the new social media, you should carefully consider, because they may drag down your server or aggravate your expenses.

7. insists on the originality of content

remember to write about what you know and keep the originality of the work, rather than simply copy and paste from other sites. Some other people didn’t do, but not the simple repetition of yesterday’s news.

8. re edited and optimized for everyone to know

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