You’re right: The Astros’ sign-stealing is against the rules, so I shouldn’t celebrate it

first_imgI need to clear something up: I don’t endorse cheating. But I understand why you think that I do. That’s because I wrote something silly that ended up hijacking a greater point that I was trying to make. In other words, I screwed up.During the ALCS, I wrote about the accusation that the Astros steal signs, and posited that sign-stealing is fine, even if a team uses technology to do it. In the column, I acknowledged that tech-assisted sign-stealing is against baseball’s rules, but argued that it shouldn’t be. I said the same in a tweet re-sharing the column Tuesday, after a report from The Athletic revealed compelling evidence that the Astros engaged in high-tech sign-stealing in their 2017 world championship season. And that’s when things went a little haywire at Twitter dot com. Most people who threw tweet bombs my way didn’t mind that I want the sign-stealing rules changed, which is the point I was trying to make. Judging by the engagement on Tuesday’s tweet, I’m not alone in the thought. There has to be room for spirited debate on something like this. We don’t all have to agree. But if I’m going to persuade you, if I want to be taken seriously, then I shouldn’t do anything to distract from my argument. Unfortunately, that’s what happened here. And you’re right: I needed to be better.Some might say I’m giving in to the Twitter trolls. Not really. I believe in righting mistakes, big or small. When I mess up, I try to own it. I’ll never apologize for an opinion, but if the presentation hurts the argument, regardless of whether it was unintentional, then I need to reassess. I always hope to be thoughtful when I offer a take on anything, especially on something that might be controversial. But, unfortunately, I don’t bat 1.000. I’ll be more discriminating in my language and my execution next time, and hopefully avoid another whiff. In the tweet, I said high-tech sign-stealing “shouldn’t be considered illegal or unethical.” That was riffing off a line from the original column, where I said that using technology to gain every advantage shouldn’t be considered dishonest or unethical, but smart and savvy. I praised the Astros for doing that, basically because I disagree with the rule against using technology to steal signs. But, obviously, it is illegal in baseball’s eyes and, therefore, unethical. I should’ve thought more carefully about my wording — in the column, yes, but especially in Tuesday’s tweet — as the takeaway for many was, essentially, “Breaking the rules is OK as long as you disagree with the rules.” FAGAN: Kudos to Mike Fiers for going on-record about Astros’ cheatingI admit that such a takeaway is accurate, but that was not my intent. Yes, as a professional writer, I should be able to get my point across clearly and without confusion. But in this case, I didn’t. I was a less-than-stellar communicator. Twitter seized on it and, as Twitter does, dragged me with all of the platform’s favorite insults.So here’s a brief clarification/mea culpa: I still think using technology to steal signs should be legal, with limits. My position remains that if the Astros or any other team is stealing your signs, then you need better signs. Technology use is only going to increase across baseball — it already has, with the use of iPads in the dugout as one example — and technology should be used to gain every edge possible. That includes using it to steal signs, and using it to prevent your signs from being stolen. The concept itself doesn’t strike me as morally wrong, especially in the context of an increasingly tech-driven world.However, as long as tech-driven sign-stealing is against the rules in all forms, I won’t encourage it or celebrate it. I don’t celebrate when people blatantly break rules in other parts of life, so I won’t do it here either. I’m guilty of hypocrisy, and even though sports are entertainment and not ultimately all that important, consistency is important. I’m sorry for being inconsistent. last_img read more

Win or lose at BKFC 9, Artem Lobov wants rematch with Paulie Malignaggi in a boxing ring

first_imgAfter nearly two years of near-riots and expletive-laden tirades, the most heavily hyped fight in the history of Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship took place at BKFC 6 when Artem Lobov defeated Paulie Malignaggi by unanimous decision.All the animosity that had existed between one of Conor McGregor’s main sparring partners and the former two-division boxing champion looked to be put to be rest. While on the surface, Lobov and Malignaggi appeared to go in different directions after the fight, that hasn’t necessarily been the case for Lobov. The ex-UFC fighter is interested in settling the score once and for all with Malignaggi’s and is looking to prove that he can beat him at his own game. “I walked out with a lot of cash, and I won,” Lobov boastfully told Sporting News about winning the fight. “He got his ass whooped. It felt pretty good to beat him up. But he’s still talking trash, so I would be happy to rematch him in the boxing ring if he wants. I know he thinks boxing is his game, but it’s my game now. He can come into my world.”Join DAZN and watch more than 100 fight nights a yearMalignaggi disparaged Lobov at every turn in the buildup. The current Showtime boxing analyst talked in the lead-up of how facing the former UFC journeyman would be a walk in the park. He also promised to put Lobov in a “f—g coma,” along with proclaiming that he would disparage his lifeless body with bodily fluids after knocking him out. The fact Lobov was able to make Malignaggi eat his words made it the biggest win of his nine-year combat sports career.”It was incredible,” Lobov said. “I can say that was the most satisfying win of my whole career. It just felt good. It was like, ‘Take that mother—-er.’” With Malignaggi now in his rearview mirror, Lobov now turns his attention to a familiar foe when he meets Jason Knight in the main event of Saturday’s Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship 9. Back in April, Lobov and Knight battled in one of the most bloody, violent affairs in recent memory with Lobov earning the unanimous decision win.Even though he emerged victorious on that evening, Lobov is excited to be sharing the ring with Knight again because he loves to fight, and putting his fist to someone’s face is the “most peaceful place on the planet.” When looking back at the first meeting, Lobov found deficiencies in his performance. This time around, the “Russian Hammer” made sure he left no stone unturned, and you will see a completely different person than people saw seven months ago. “Number one, preparing for the first fight, I was doing it blindfolded,” Lobov said. “I didn’t know what to expect because I had never tried it before. I couldn’t train properly because I didn’t know anyone who did bare-knuckle. So my preparation was a little wrong in terms of my cardio work in getting ready for the two-minute rounds. What I was doing was incorrect. I was preparing for a marathon, and the fight was a sprint. I had it all wrong. This time around, I completely changed my preparation. Being able to train nothing but boxing for a full year made me a much better boxer as I brought in professional boxers helped me make a lot of gains. I look forward to showing the world what I’ve been working on.” Lobov entered the world of bare-knuckle fighting on a three-fight losing streak and an overall MMA record of 13-15-1 with one no-contest. Since coming to BKFC in 2019, Lobov is 2-0. A win on Saturday night would put the icing on the cake for the 34-year-old.”With a win on Saturday, this will certainly be the best year of my career in terms of financially and the wins, whichever way you want to look at it,” Lobov said.last_img read more

Ottawa Senators’ Anthony Duclair scores hat trick vs. Columbus, shows John Tortorella he ‘knows how to play’

first_imgAnthony Duclair picked the perfect day to score his first hat trick with the Ottawa Senators.The 24-year-old forward was dominant for the Sens on Saturday, scoring three of his team’s four goals to help Ottawa earn a 4-3 overtime win over the visiting Columbus Blue Jackets. Duclair notched a pair of goals in the first period before sealing the game in OT with a power-play marker. “I don’t think he knows how to play,” Tortorella said of Duclair on Feb. 19 — four days before the player was traded to Ottawa. “It seems to me he’s like a player that just feels he can get the puck because he’s tremendously skilled. He can skate. I just think he thinks he can do whatever the hell he wants to on the ice. He can’t do that in the National Hockey League.“Here we are on his fourth team with another coach pissing and moaning about him, scratching him, benching him. . . . For me right now he’s off the rails. I’m not so sure if we’re going to spend a lot more time trying to get him on the rails.”The Blue Jackets did not spend much more time trying to get Duclair back “on the rails,” but the subsequent change of scenery has done wonders for the sixth-year player. Scoring three goals against the coach that publicly ripped him 10 months ago is surely the cherry on top of what’s turning into a career year for Duclair. ANTHONY. DUCLAIR. HAT. TRICK.An @Enterprise hatty for @aduclair10 and a beauty at that. 👏👏— NHL (@NHL) December 14, 2019Saturday’s performance pushed Duclair to 18 goals on the season, which leads the Senators through 33 games. He’s also his team’s points leader with 25, and is on pace to easily smash his career highs in goals and points (22 and 44, respectively).Needless to say, the Pointe-Claire, Que., native is having himself a very good year.MORE: Is Tortorella among the head coaches now on the hot seat?What makes Saturday’s hat trick performance extra special is the fact that it came against Columbus — his former team — and head coach John Tortorella. Duclair spent two-thirds of the 2018-19 campaign playing under Tortorella with the Blue Jackets, where their fiery coach was not shy about calling out the left winger for a perceived lack of effort.last_img read more

Five way-too-early bold predictions for the 2020 MLB season

first_imgHappy (almost) New Year!Of course, for the baseball fans, the new year doesn’t actually start until March 26, 2020. As we inch closer to Opening Day, we’ll have more certainties and a better idea of what teams and players will be in the new league year. But until then, let’s get nuts with some ridiculous predictions.MORE: Pitcher, catcher report dates for all 30 teamsAs we know, there’s no such thing as an incorrect prediction — just players, teams and events simply don’t follow through on them. In last year’s edition of bold predictions , we got 1 1/2 out of 5 right, or 30 percent. That’ll get you in the Hall of Fame, folks, so you can definitely trust what we’re going to predict here.So while you’re freezing your rear off in the winter months, let these fire predictions warm you to the core:No team will hit more than 275 home runsLast year, we saw two teams eclipse the 300 home run mark, but don’t expect that to be the case again in 2019 as the media dubs the un-juiced baseball as “DeflateGate 2.”Rumors of the juiced baseball were rampant, with players such as Justin Verlander openly speaking about how the ball was changed in 2019. MLB is doubling down on what they feel is nothing more than manufacturing imperfections, which could very well be the case.But in larger quality-assurance issues, the baseball will be drained of its juices in 2020, and the home run craze will come crashing back down to Earth. After two seasons of record-setting homer numbers, no team will hit 300. In fact, no team will hit 275 long balls, dingers, or moonshots in 2020. Book it. I have spoken.Double-bold bonus: The Twins will come up just shy of the 275 mark, with 273 on the season.The Astros will not make the playoffsThe Astros, hammered by the public — and the potential punishment — for the sign-stealing allegations during the offseason, will miss out on the playoffs for the first time since 2016.They’ll be without Gerrit Cole, who was emerging as an ace. Verlander is emptying his career tank, but there’s no telling how much he’s got left in his arm, even coming off a Cy Young season. Zack Greinke, now 36, is in the same boat as Verlander.Even with reigning, defending Cy Young winner, the Astros won’t reach the top of the mountain again. In fact, they’ll miss out on the playoffs entirely: The A’s will finally get over the hump, winning the division, while the Rays and Angels take the wild card spots in the American League.Double-bold bonus: The Angels break through and grab a wild card spot.Kris Bryant will win MVP — for someone other than the CubsHow quick we are to forget.It wasn’t long ago that Kris Bryant was the NL MVP — 2016 to be exact, the same year he helped the Cubs break the curse of the billy goat. But some injuries a few years later and all of a sudden the Cubs want to ship him off for the next Kris Bryant wannabes.Kris Bryant isn’t old! He’s not run down! He’s not some jamoke who forgot how to play baseball! He was a guy who played to a 4.8 fWAR in 2019 and, when healthy and right, is one of the best players in the National League. So what if he’s going to cost money? Newsflash: Good players cost a lot of money. Teams need to stop ducking that fact, whether it’s the Cubs, Red Sox or Indians when it comes to Bryant, Mookie Betts or Francisco Lindor.But to bring it back: The Chicago Cubs of all teams shouldn’t be scared of wanting to pay a great talent the money he deserves for lottery tickets from another team.Now that that rant is over, let’s revisit the prediction: The never-ending cycle of trading stars for prospects in baseball is tough to stomach for fans, and it’ll be especially tough to stomach for the Cubs in 2020, when Bryant will win MVP for his new squad. There are only a handful of teams with the firepower and trade capital to pull off a deal for Bryant, and whoever that team is (check out the Double-bold bonus below), will be more than happy to have Bryant’s servicesDouble-bold bonus: Kris Bryant wins MVP for the Braves, who give up the farm to get him.MORE: Yankees signing Cole reawakens Evil Empire — and Twitter hatersWhite Sox shock the world, win the CentralYears of half-measures and mediocrity in the White Sox rebuild come to a screeching halt as they overtake the Indians and the Twins to win the AL Central.The Indians are in a confusing spot, coming off a surprisingly competitive season that saw them win 93 games, the majority of which without Corey Kluber. Now, Kluber is gone and it sounds like Francisco Lindor could be on his way out as well, which, well, is pretty stupid.The White Sox already have a solid core of players, featuring Yoan Moncada, Eloy Jimenez, Lucas Giolito and others, and supplemented that with Yasmani Grandal and Dallas Keuchel this offseason. They also got Nomar Mazara via trade, which means this ChiSox team could be better than people expect.How much better? Well, they’ll be AL Central champs, knocking off the Twins and their one-year wonder season in 2019. Chicago will complete a dramatic turnaround, winning 95 games and the division, their first since 2008.Double-bold bonus: The Indians finish third in the division with 83 wins, behind the 95-win White Sox and the 90-win Twins.The three-batter rule is a rousing success, and everyone loves itBaseball fans are very, very resistant to change: baseball players, managers and those involved in the game, even more so. So when the three-batter minimum rule takes hold in 2020, the baseball world will be shook when everyone loves it.Baseball has changed; baseball always changes. Maybe less so than other sports, but that’s a testament to the game itself — it might not be perfect, but it’s good enough that we haven’t needed wholesale changes for 150 years.So, of course managers hate the three-batter rule right now. A lot of them probably hated the DH rule when that came around, and look! We’re still here! Baseball is still here! All is well. (Also, bring the DH to the NL, please). So all of this offseason bellyaching about the three-batter rule will go by the wayside this upcoming season, when managers actually like the rule for both sides of the argument: It adds strategy when they believe it takes it away, and favorable matchups play into the hands of batting teams, which is a point people are just kind of overlooking right now.So have fun debating it over Christmas dinner, because it won’t matter in six months’ time.Double-bold bonus: Joe Maddon, one of the more vocal critics of the rule, does a complete 180 and extols the rule change.last_img read more

What TV channel is Sweden vs. Finland on? Schedule, time for World Juniors 2020 bronze medal game

first_imgBut the Finns (20 goals for, 15 goals allowed) are just as capable across the ice as any of the other three semifinalist teams at the world juniors. Goaltender Justus Annunen turned in one rough performance against the Canadians (five goals allowed on 27 shots against), but he had otherwise led the whole tournament in save percentage up to that point.Here is how to catch the 2020 IIHF World Juniors bronze medal game betwen Sweden and Finland:How to watch Sweden vs. FinlandTV channel (Canada): TSNLive stream (Canada): TSN LiveTV channel (USA): NHL NetworkSweden vs. Finland: When is puck drop?Date: Sunday, Jan. 5Time: 9 a.m. ETFull World Junior Championship scheduleSATURDAY, JAN. 4Kazahkstan 4, Germany 15 a.m.TSN, NHLNSF: Sweden 4, Russia 5 (OT)9 a.m.TSN, NHLNSF: Canada 5, Finland 01 p.m.TSN 1/4/5, NHLNSUNDAY, JAN. 5Relegation: Kazahkstan vs. Germany9 a.m.TSN, NHLNBronze: Sweden vs. Finland9 a.m.TSN, NHLNGold: Canada vs. Russia1 p.m.TSN, NHLN(All times Eastern) Canada vs. Russia isn’t the only rematch of the 2020 IIHF World Juniors medal round; Sweden and Finland met in the group stage for a 3-2 game decided in overtime by a goal from Sweden’s Alexander Holtz. At the end of the tournament, the two European rivals meet again to decide who leaves the Czech Republic with a medal and who goes home empty-handed.The Swedish had seemed the class of this year’s competition — the highest scoring team (29 goals scored) and best defensive team (13 goals allowed) — before meeting their match in Russia during the semifinal round. The roster remains dangerous even without star scorer Nils Hoglander, who was ejected from Saturday’s game for a hit to the head on Russian captain Alexander Khovanov. A win, while not quite the gold medal that has evaded Swedish U-20 teams since the country last won in 2012, would be better than last year’s fifth place finish. WJC SEMIFINALS: Russia defeats Sweden in OT | Canada shuts down Finlandlast_img read more

Wellington Police Notes: Monday, April 27, 2015

first_imgWellington Police notes for Monday, April 27, 2015•11:15 a.m. Officers investigated a theft in the 1000 block W. 8th, Wellington of food items by unknown suspect(s).•12:12 p.m. Officers took a report of suspicious activity in the 1200 block W. 8th, Wellington.•3:20 p.m. Curt C. Hasart, 36, Wellington was served a notice to appear charged with battery and disorderly conduct.•3:40 p.m. Jami C. Byers, 36, Wellington was issued a notice to appear for expired registration, no proof of insurance and defective brake lights.•4:26 p.m. Officers investigated a theft of a handicap placard in the 2000 block E. 16th, Wellington.•7:34 p.m. Officers took a report of suspicious activity in the 400 block N. Olive, Wellington.•7:58 p.m. Officers investigated criminal damage to property and possession of marijuana in the 1000 block Shady Lane, Wellington.•8:34 p.m. Derrick J. Avery, 22, Wellington was arrested and charged with criminal damage to property and possession of marijuana.•10:18 p.m. Officers investigated a violation of a protection order in the 1400 block Michigan, Wellington by a known suspect.last_img read more

Carson Lee Ward, 75, Caldwell: April 18, 1940 – March 3, 2016

first_imgOn Wednesday, March 3, 2016, the hands that worked, the mind that taught and the heart that loved for over 75 years grew still. Carson Lee Ward was born on April 18, 1940, to Jack and Eileen (Lebeda) Ward in Caldwell, Kansas. As the second of seven children, with siblings Diana (Karl) Wentzel, Jody (Janie), Terry (Pak), Monty (Diedra), J Rex, and Liana, life growing up was never boring!Carson attended Cashatt country school from 1st through 8th grade, then on to Caldwell High School, graduating in the class of 1958. He furthered his education at Southwestern College in Winfield, Kansas, where he participated in track and was a monitor at Broadhurst Hall. During this time, he not only earned a Bachelor of Science in Education degree, but also caught the eye of Miss Nina Marie Branine of Cheney, Kansas, whom he married on December 22, 1961. This union was blessed with four children: Kristi (Bob) Merritt, Quinn (Vicki), Karla (Gary) Davis, and Cory (Tammy); 12 grandchildren: Tanner Merritt, Devan Whaley, Ashleigh (Iwan) Broodryk, Quinci (Matt) Hiedeman, Kelsi (Austin) Barlow, Austin Merritt, Carli Ward, Tyson Merritt, Darin Ward, Colten Ward, Tylyn Ward and Christian Ward; and 3 great grandchildren: Noah Hiedeman, McKinley Hiedeman and Annelise Barlow.Carson taught math at Mulvane High School before moving to Caldwell to be closer to the family farm. He taught math and physics at Caldwell High School before entering full time wheat and cattle farming on the LX Ranch, where he eventually built the current family home in 1975.  The original stone house provided many years of genealogy and historical research, one of his favorite pastimes.Carson’s faith and steadfast support for community and family show in everything he has accomplished. He enjoyed working with the Caldwell Historical Society, served as president of the Sumner County Fair Board, as well as the Board of Education for USD 360.  He was an active member of the Caldwell United Methodist Church and loved hosting and attending Sunday School parties.Peanuts and pitch around the card tables became a weekly staple with friends and a birthday didn’t pass without request for a white cake, with white frosting!  Carson proudly wore his Bluejay blue and was the biggest fan when it came to the events of his kids and grandkids.  The familiar red diary on the night stand is now forever closed, but a legacy resides in the previous volumes on the shelf.Funeral services were held 11 a.m. Saturday, March 5, 2016 at the United Methodist Church in Caldwell, Kansas.Interment was in the Caldwell City Cemetery, Caldwell.Memorials may be given in memory of Carson to the United Methodist Church or to the Sumner County Fair Association.To share a memory or leave a condolence please visit www.schaeffermortuary.infoArrangements by Schaeffer Mortuary 6 N. Main Caldwell, Kansas.last_img read more

Bad inning dooms Wellington’s double-header sweep aspirations against Collegiate

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Adam Hilt throws 3-hitter in Collegiate Tracy McCue, Sumner Newscow — The Wellington baseball team rode the momentum of its first win last week in Mulvane with a 6-0 shut out against Wichita Collegiate in the first game of a double-header Monday afternoon at Hibbs-Hooten Field. Unfortunately, one bad error-plagued inning in the second game, kept Wellington from garnering the sweep, losing 6-4.The Crusaders are 2-4 overall and 2-2 in league. Wellington travels to Rose Hill Thursday.Under the tutelage of Jeff Frazee, Wellington is slowly becoming a Kansas City Royals type team, the ability to play great defense and manufacturing runs offensively. Wellington is not only an impressive 8 of 10 in picking off stolen bases, but they are stealing bases at a regular rate as well. Defensively, the Crusader errors are so much less than in previous years.But ever so often this season, there is that one-inning curse, when the Crusaders lose all composure. That so happened to be the fifth inning in game two, when Wellington was holding a 1-0 lead after four. The Crusaders booted the ball three times, more than all the other doubleheader innings combined to allow the Spartans five runs.It was a deficit Wellington could not recover despite getting runs in each of the final innings. The final three innings at bats were entertaining for the Crusaders. Wellington had the bases loaded and an Arlis Troutman line drive up the middle would have turned a 5-3 deficit into a tie with two outs. But the Collegiate shortstop stopped the hard grounder with a sensational dive and throw to second to end the inning.Then later, with Collegiate at third, the Dukes appeared to have had the pick off, but the umpire was curiously looking in the other direction and never saw the play. So the Collegiate runner was safe, and it would eventually cost the Crusaders a run. For the game, Wellington’s Cameron Bartelson went 2-4 including a big hit in the seventh to pull the Crusaders within two runs with players on first and second. But Wellington could get no closer as the game ended with a Chantz Daugherty ground out.  Egan got the win for Collegiate . He allowed two runs over five innings while striking out three, walking three and giving up three hits. Therin Frame ended up on the wrong side of the pitching decision, going 4 2/3 innings, walking one, striking out seven, and allowing five runs. The Crusaders put up one run in each of the fifth, sixth and seventh. In the fifth, Crusaders scored on a groundout by Derek Driskell, bringing home Connor Phelps.One Crusaders run crossed the plate in the bottom half of the seventh, making the score 6-4. In game one, Wellington posted its first shut out of the season as Adam Hilt threw a three-hitter on the mound in six innings. Dylan Jones came in relief in the seventh to get the save. The Crusaders were on fire defensively, never allowing the Spartans to cross second base. Wellington built a 2-0 lead in the bottom of the first when Therin Fame smacked a 2RBI double. The Crusaders would add to the lead in the fourth on a Wesley Gilmore RBI double, an error and a sacrifice fly by Co. Phelps. Co. Phelps ended the game with a sensational diving catch in left field amongst three players. Hilt struck out three, and allowed three hits and one walk on the mound.last_img read more

Building at 107 W. Lincoln has been deemed an ‘immediate hazard’ by the council

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Thank you for your input. +4 Vote up Vote down Bill · 210 weeks ago The name of the hospital in Wellington is Sumner Regional Medical Center. Yes, moral should be up the employees received at least a 3% raise. Report Reply 1 reply · active 209 weeks ago -4 Vote up Vote down iceman318 · 210 weeks ago Looks like our 2 local Vets had better get ready because the humane society site needs to be built and offer lower cost services than they charge. One is really outrageous, I know it cost to have a business but some things have to change for the better of the community. Report Reply 1 reply · active 209 weeks ago -2 Vote up Vote down LiveWell · 210 weeks ago Again, beating the dead horse. Why is the city giving our tax dollars to a non-profit organization when they own land that could be sold to fund what they are asking for???? WHY? Report Reply 6 replies · active 209 weeks ago +19 Vote up Vote down Phyllis Todd · 210 weeks ago Once again, I will point out that the Wellington Humane Society will NOT offer a low cost spay, neuter or vaccine clinic from our facility for public use. This is a false assumption. We do expect low cost for our own use in rehoming pets, but we are NOT looking to compete with the local veterinarians and their clients. As far as the idea that a non -profit would be competing with local businesses, it should be noted that the homeless pet problem is a CITY problem that , we the Humane Society as volunteers with our own personal money and time have taken care of as best we could for 18 years, without profit. Now we have through generous donations of individuals accumulated a million dollars to build a facility we can be proud of. It is time the city takes on a small portion of the responsibility via $25,000 a year for 3 years to help us hire a director to get this building up and running. It is a small request in return for the good we have and will continue to doing for this community. Where would the homeless and abused pets be without us? Report Reply 1 reply · active 209 weeks ago +1 Vote up Vote down JustMe · 209 weeks ago Does the city own the building on Lincoln? I thought I remember reading in a previous article that the owner lived on one of the upper levels? Report Reply 1 reply · active 209 weeks ago +10 Vote up Vote down Mick Jones · 209 weeks ago If the city can give the golf course a quarter of a million dollars for a sprinkler system so which only about 10 percent of the people in Wellington use, the city can come up with a few bucks for help taking care of a few unfortunate animals. Jesus people, grow a heart. Not helping abused animals is a sin in Gods eye’s. Report Reply 0 replies · active 209 weeks ago +1 Vote up Vote down boomer · 209 weeks ago Has red beards moved to a different location? Does anyone know if Spencer is still cutting hair somewhere else? Report Reply 0 replies · active 209 weeks ago +7 Vote up Vote down Kaitli · 209 weeks ago So if the hospital has made money when will they start paying their bill to the city? Report Reply 0 replies · active 209 weeks ago Post a new comment Enter text right here! Comment as a Guest, or login: Login to IntenseDebate Login to Login to Twitter Go back Tweet this comment Connected as (Logout) Email (optional) Not displayed publicly. Name Email Website (optional) Displayed next to your comments. Not displayed publicly. If you have a website, link to it here. Posting anonymously. Tweet this comment Submit Comment Subscribe to None Replies All new comments Comments by IntenseDebate Enter text right here! Reply as a Guest, or login: Login to IntenseDebate Login to Login to Twitter Go back Tweet this comment Connected as (Logout) Email (optional) Not displayed publicly. Name Email Website (optional) Displayed next to your comments. Not displayed publicly. If you have a website, link to it here. Posting anonymously. Tweet this comment Cancel Submit Comment Subscribe to None Replies All new comments by James Jordan, Sumner Newscow — The Wellington City Council declared the building at 107 W. Lincoln an “immediate hazard” at its meeting Tuesday. The building that housed Redbeard’s Barber Shop on Washington and Lincoln Streets, has been roped off for a couple of weeks after the building’s owner got an engineers report that showed the building”  is in very bad condition.Building at 107 W. Lincoln.The city will hire a Wichita company to stabilize the building, using steel posts and plates. Wellington city building official Richard Jack estimated it could cost $3,000 to $5,000. The city is waiting to receive another engineer’s report that will give them more specific information.Mayor Shelley Hansel said she hopes the building can be saved.Jack said the building is an immediate hazard. He said it is not likely to fall down in the next day or two, but it could within a month’s time if stabilization measures are not taken. He said the entire building is not damaged. It is just the southeast corner, but that has damaged the structure enough to make the three-story building weak enough to fall down.The building could fall on itself, and crumble, and that would be a best case scenario, he said. It could also fall causing damage to nearby buildings, so they don’t want to just let it fall.Jack told the council he wants to keep the building from being destroyed, and added it would cost between $50,000 and $100,000 to demolish the building. Because of its size there is no company in Wellington, or Sumner County, that could handle the job.———Upcoming meetingsAugust 8. Work session on raw water issue.August 16, Regular meeting with budget hearing.August 22. Work session with the Humane Society.———Humane SocietyThe council had a fairly long discussion with Linda Stewart, who was representing the Wellington Humane Society. The organization is planning on building an animal shelter for the county, and it has the land and most of the money it needs. The city has pledged $25,000 for the 2017 year for the society to hire a director. That council could approve the release of the money when the Humane Society is ready to hire a director.Several questions had been raised though, and there is apparently concern among local veterinarians as to whether the shelter will create competition for their businesses. Currently, local vets take care of all the animals, and most agree a shelter is needed.It is possible the shelter could have an office where a veterinarian could rent and take care of animals. If the center ran a lot of low-cost spaying and neutering services, that would have an effect on local veterinarians.Council members had encouraged her and the veterinarians to talk more, and they have, and a work session has been scheduled to talk more about the issue.There is also whether the city should give money to a non-profit organization that would provide services that compete with local businesses.Stewart said” grocery stores don’t complain when the food bank gives away food, and she” didn’t see a difference in that and the humane society’s situation. It was pointed out the city doesn’t directly support the food bank. Council members expressed support for the humane society.———Hospital ReportSouth Central Regional Medical Center board member Terry Deschaine gave an update on the hospital and his report was positive.“I feel real good about morale at the hospital and in the community. It was not that way a year ago,” he said.He said through the end of June the hospital has shown a net profit of $228,000. By comparison, in the first six months of 2015, the hospital lost $1.6″  million and there were fears the hospital might have to close.He said the hospital still struggles to have cash on hand, but it is getting better. A big issue has been billing and that has been resolved to some degree.“The hole is not getting deeper, like it was a year ago,” he said. “œI think we are going in the right direction.”He said the hospital has been having trouble getting nurses, and that is a problem for rural hospitals in the area.Follow us on Facebook.Follow us on Twitter.last_img read more

Edmonton Oilers vs. Calgary Flames final score: Goalie fight headlines Oilers’ blowout win in intense ‘Battle of Alberta’ game

first_imgKassian and Tkachuk largely stayed away from one another in this one; it was their goaltenders and goal-scoring that took center stage in the rivalry on Saturday. Oilers rookie Kailer Yamamoto and Kassian actually opened up the scoring quickly, putting Edmonton up 2-0 less than two minutes into the entire affair. The pace was intense from the start, and Calgary was on the board by the end of the first period too, by way of Buddy Robinson’s first goal as a Calgary Flame.Mayhem and chaos won the day in the second period; Robinson and Jujhar Khaira had dropped the gloves earlier in the game, but it didn’t seem anyone else would engage until there were 24 seconds left. Edmonton’s Sam Gagner poked away at a puck Talbot had covered, sending the Flames goaltender and his teammates into a frenzy.Because Talbot left his crease to go after opponents, Smith skated to neutral ice to test the waters while Matthew Tkachuk and Edmonton rookie Ethan Bear dropped the gloves. Once Talbot was separated from the pack, he and Smith went at it in the first-ever goalie fight between the Pacific Division rivals.MORE: Watch Cam Talbot and Mike Smith fight in latest ‘Battle of Alberta’Oilers-Flames have an all-out brawl, including a goalie fight between Mike Smith and Cam Talbot.Rivalry games are— Sporting News Canada (@sportingnewsca) February 2, 2020When it was all said and done, Talbot (21 total penalty minutes) and Smith (17) were both ejected from the game — which forced already-pulled Flames goaltender David Rittich to go back between the pipes for the remaining 20 minutes. By that time, the score was already 6-3; Gagner and Gaetan Haas both scored for the Oilers in the third period to officially put the game away. Tkachuk, Oilers forward Alex Chiasson and Calgary defenseman Rasmus Andersson were handed misconducts as time expired as well.The Oilers’ two points from the win keeps them in second place in the Pacific Division; the Flames actually dropped into the West’s first wild card spot with the loss, thanks to the Vegas Golden Knights’ win.The final ‘Battle of Alberta’ match of 2019-20 regular season will be played on April 4, in Calgary, Alta., at the very end of the regular season.Sporting News trackeed live scoring updates and highlights from the Oilers vs. Flames game on Saturday. Follow along as it all played out belowEdmonton Oilers vs. Calgary Flames live score, updates and highlightsFinal scoreOilers: 8Flames: 3(All times are game clock times)Third period0:01 — Patrick Russell and Noah Hanifin lock up as time expires. The on-ice officials let the last second go in order to get this one over with.1:57 — Gaetan Haas is granted a penalty shot after Matthew Tkachuk is given a 10-minute misconduct penalty. He scores on Rittich, increasing Edmonton’s lead to five.6:45 — GOAL! Sam Gagner fires a slap shot past Rittich’s glove, giving Edmonton an insurance goal.8:43 — Patrick Russell and Sam Bennett are given matching minor roughing penalties. 4-on-4 play for two minutes.10:00 — Koskinen makes a couple nice saves in a row and freezes the puck. Some pushes and shoves are thrown after each whistle, words are exchanged, but tensions are calming as the game starts to wind down.16:06 — With one goaltender on each side no longer available, questions are being raised about who the emergency goaltender in the building tonight is. According to Sportsnet’s broadcast, 25-year-old Colin Cooper, who last played for Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alta. in 2018-19 is on standby for both teams. If both Rittich and Koskinen need to leave this game, then things will get really bizarre.18:20 — Edmonton’s power play does not result in any goals or shots, but it does seem to have calmed things down a bit. At this point though… who knows what happens before this game ends.Second periodHere’s the full list of penalties as a result of the brawl at the end of the second period. Talbot got 21 penalty minutes when it was all said and done; Smith got 17.The penalties.— Kukla’s Korner (@kuklaskorner) February 2, 20200:00 — Rittich re-enters the net for Calgary and Koskinen in net for the Oilers, the second period ends with Edmonton on a power play.0:24 — Mayhem on the ice after Sam Gagner goes digging after a puck that Talbot had covered. There were a couple fights and the two goalies even dropped the gloves. The referees decide to play the last 24 seconds of this period after the intermission, effectively ending the second. This will take a while to sort out.All hell breaks loose in the Battle of Alberta, including a goalie fight between Mike Smith and Cam Talbot— Brady Trettenero (@BradyTrett) February 2, 2020The chaos started when Gagner poked away at Talbot; two Flames jumped on top of him and Talbot started throwing punches with his blocker and glove. Everyone came together, but no gloves actually dropped until Ethan Bear and Matthew Tkachuk decided to go at it. Smith skated to center-ice, customary when an opposing goaltender gets involved in an altercation, and after Talbot had been separated from the group, he skated out and met Smith for a fight, too.Both goaltenders were ejected from the game as a result of the fight — meaning David Rittich has to come back and play another period for Calgary.1:45 — Matthew Tkachuk is back on the Flames bench. He went off for a little while after looking concerned about his hip. He takes a quick skate during a break in play and remains on the bench.3:07 — Tempers start to flare after a whistle. If the Oilers continue to run away with it, this has the potential to get a little uglier in the third period.4:02 — GOAL! Oilers defenseman Caleb Jones gets a slap shot through traffic and beats Talbot. Oilers have a three-goal lead now. Edmonton is outshooting Calgary 33-15.Could be Chiasser’s tip… What do we think? #BattleOfAlberta | #LetsGoOilers— Edmonton Oilers (@EdmontonOilers) February 2, 20208:23 — GOAL! Ryan Nugent-Hopkins increases the Oilers’ lead back to two goals once more by stopping right in front of Talbot’s net and delivering on a one-time pass from Yamamoto.9:47 — GOAL! The Flames have brought this game back to one goal with an extended effort against a sprawled-out Mike Smith. Tkachuk initially turned the puck over, and then Elias Lindholm showed impressive patience before flipping it over Smith’s pads.15:25 — GOAL! Matthew Tkachuk isn’t letting Edmonton run away with this. His goal cuts the lead back in half.Chucky 🥰— Calgary Flames (@NHLFlames) February 2, 202016:42 — GOAL! Connor McDavid scores his second goal of the game and that will chase David Rittich out of the net. Cam Talbot enters the game for the Flames.Two on the night for McDavid and that’ll end Rittich’s night. #HockeyNight— Sportsnet (@Sportsnet) February 2, 202018:52 — The Oilers will head to the penalty kill quickly in the second period after Darnell Nurse takes a tripping penalty.First period0:00 — The first period ends with the Oilers’ 3-1 lead intact.4:05 — Buddy Robinson and Jujhar Khaira drop the gloves.Khaira and Buddy Robinson drop the gloves. 😤— The Oil Drop (@TheOilDrop) February 2, 20204:27 — GOAL! Connor McDavid makes a shifty move around Noah Hanifin and sends the puck past Rittich’s blocker side for his 450th career point. The Oilers now hold a 3-1 lead.6:17 — The Oilers will get a power play now as Calgary defenseman Travis Hamonic heads to the box for slashing Josh Archibald.7:18 — GOAL! The Flames are on the board. Buddy Robinson initiates a give-and-go on the zone entry with Johnny Gaudreau and he out-muscled Caleb Jones when the pass came out front. Edmonton leads 2-1.🚨 Buddy Robinson 2-1 #LetsGoOilers— Here’s Your Replay ⬇️ (@HeresYourReplay) February 2, 20208:00 — Calgary gets two shots during their man-advantage but no goal to show for it.9:44 — Who else but Matthew Tkachuk? He causes a little bit of a pileup after perhaps one too many whacks at Mike Smith’s pads while the Edmonton goalie made a save.10:45 — Yamamoto heads to the penalty box for a hold and the Flames have an opportunity to cut their deficit in half.14:05 — Six minutes in, the pace has calmed down just a little bit, but we’re in for another intense game between these two teams. Oilers lead the shot battle 4-2.18:17 — Oilers goalie Mike Smith keeps that two-goal lead with a crazy save coming from behind his own net. A lot happening in the opening minutes of this one.👀 Mike Smith #LetsGoOilers— Here’s Your Replay ⬇️ (@HeresYourReplay) February 2, 202018:55 — GOAL! Zack Kassian finishes off an impressive cross-crease pass from Josh Archibald. The Oilers are up by two goals incredibly quickly.🚨 Zack Kassian 2-0 #LetsGoOilers— Here’s Your Replay ⬇️ (@HeresYourReplay) February 2, 202019:31 — GOAL! Edmonton’s Kailer Yamamoto takes advantage of poor puck management by the Flames and pots the first goal of the game less than one minute in. Uhh.. where should we start?11 goals were scored, three fights (including one between both team’s goaltenders) instigated and five misconduct or game misconduct penalties were handed out over the course over the Edmoton Oilers’ 8-3 win over the Calgary Flames on Saturday. The fourth ‘Battle of Alberta’ matchup this season was highly anticipated after Wednesday’s edition featured a Zack Kassian-Matthew Tkachuk fight and a narrow shootout win for Calgary. 🚨 Kailer Yamamoto 1-0 #LetsGoOilers— Here’s Your Replay ⬇️ (@HeresYourReplay) February 2, 202020:00 — The puck has dropped.PregameThe Oilers’ lineup.With warmup complete, we have ourselves a lineup. #BattleOfAlberta | #LetsGoOilers— Edmonton Oilers (@EdmontonOilers) February 2, 2020Calgary’s expected lineup.#Flames tonight vs. Edmonton:Mangiapane-Lindholm-TkachukGaudreau-Monahan-RobinsonLucic-Ryan-DubeBennett-Backlund-RiederGiordano-BrodieHanifin-HamonicKylington-AnderssonRittich— Pat Steinberg (@Fan960Steinberg) February 1, 2020last_img read more